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10 Confessions of a Nutrition Blogger

Posted Sep 19 2011 10:00am

  1. It doesn’t happen often, but I do get sick of talking about food. Sometimes I want to be scream, “It’s just food! Eat what you eat and get on with your life.”
  2. I don’t fully understand people who say they “can’t” cook. I should be more empathetic because I used to never cook, but I genuinely don’t get it. Maybe it’s like how I “can’t” put together furniture? The secret is, I CAN put together furniture, it’s just that I loathe it.
  3. Though most of it legitimately tastes pretty bad to me, I truly love some highly processed/nutritional void foods. For example, I’m fairly certain Doritos are laced with crack. Also, Dairy Queen .
  4. I’m still surprised when a recipe I create turns out to be phenomenal. 
  5. I don’t bake. Well, that’s actually a lie . But I really dislike baking. I hate not being able to improvise.
  6. What am I doing while I cook/blog? Usually watching HGTV. Even though I don’t own a home and have no immediate (or non-immediate) plans to buy one, I freaking love House Hunters, My First Place, and Property Virgins. Who’s with me?!
  7. I don’t read many other nutrition/healthy living blogs. Even though I love food/talking about food and nutrition (except when I don’t — see #1), pictures of food get really boring really quickly.
  8. I’m perfectly fine with my small kitchen. All you big city dwellers, listen up: you don’t need much space to create something awesome. 
  9. I’m that cliche “healthy” person who only eats one square of dark chocolate for dessert. What can I say? I like something slightly sweet to cleanse my palate, but dark chocolate is just not something I ever want to eat a lot of at once.
  10. But tonight for dessert, I had four squares of this
    That’s not really worthy of a confession, I just wanted to inspire you to go get some for yourself. Sea salt makes everything better.

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