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10 000 Steps a Day to Your Optimal Weight Walk Your Way to Better Health

Posted Oct 05 2010 9:25am

10 000 Steps a Day to Your Optimal Weight Walk Your Way to Better Health

Includes FREE Pedometer!

Congratulations! You’ve just taken the most important step toward ensuring your optimal weight and better health–making the commitment to do something about it. Few activities provide as much overall health benefits as walking, and did you know that on a daily basis you probably already walk 900 to 3,000 steps, even with a relatively sedentary lifestyle?

Celebrity fitness trainer GREG ISAACS and 10,000 Steps a Day(tm) to Your Optimal Weight shows you how making modest changes to your daily routine can easily increase your walking count to 10,000 steps, helping to:

* REDUCE YOUR RISK of serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and osteoporosis

* STRENGTHEN bones, joints, muscles and tendons, promoting long-term muscular and skeletal health and reducing the risk of injury as you age (stronger abs and back muscles will also reduce stubborn upper-body fat and backache pain)

* DECREASE stress, anger, tension and fatigue

Walking not only fights the effects of aging, but it’s safe, easy, inexpensive, and best of all… it works! Complete with tips on healthy eating habits and encouraging success stories, this easy-to-follow guide will outline the number of steps involved in your everyday activities–from taking the stairs at work, to shopping for groceries, to walking the dog! You can even customize your walking program to suit your current fitness level and personal weight loss goals.

The 10,000 Steps a Day(tm) program is ideal for anyone wanting to shed unwanted pounds and maintain good overall health. WALK your way to a trimmer, healthier YOU!

4 Stars I’m looking forward to using it!
I’m looking forward to using the book along with my new pedometer following my second hip replacement. I have a long way to go rehabilitating my body following two surgeries in one year. However, walking will be a key.

5 Stars 10,000 Steps a Day
I recently purchased a pedometer and decided to become more organized in my walking plan. I purchased this and one other book about Step programs. I prefer this one by far. It is organized and inpires through easy thoughtful methods. I am half way through reading and have been able to incorporate different ideas into my life. This is a six month program that focuses the first three months on getting moving – consistently – and is adaptable to any health level. The second 90 day plan, which I’m about to read about, focuses on managing other life styles such as food to support the continued walking plan for weight loss. This book works for me. Amazon, as always, handled my purchase with ease.

3 Stars So So
First I’m not sure why Amazon is bundling this with a pedometer, when it comes with one. Even though it’s in big print– I missed it. I love the concept of 10000 steps. I’m in sales and hitting my number is what I do for work, this is a natural for anyone goal driven by numbers. The book is a very light read and you can go thru it in about an hour. It’s small, so small it comes in a box with a stryofoam insert so it can be the thickness of the pedometer. But it’s disorganized. For example, there is a passage saying “Following is a chart…”, but the chart is before the passage not after. This is a good book for those just geting started in a fitness program. But it’s a little too basic for those who have any basic knowledge of fitness.

4 Stars Good Book, Very helpful!
I would recommend this book because it has a lot of useful information. I don’t recommend using the cheap little pedometer that comes with it. Buy yourself a decent one. I recently bought a very nice one on here for $20 that is digital and a much better choice! This book IS smaller than it looks online. It comes in a plastic box packaged with the pedometer which makes it look thicker and longer in its online picture than it actually is – that was the only surprise. It is a good book with a lot of helpful information though!

5 Stars great
the book was new, not used. I was greatly pleased. Its say gently used. but this book was never opened. will look for this seller again.

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