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And ... I got them.  Big by Shelly La Fata And ... I got them.  Big Grin. Read on »
Friday Fictioneers and tall by Shelly La Fata Friday Fictioneers and tall tales... Read on »
August 29 - Photo Friday: by Shelly La Fata August 29 - Photo Friday: Warmth Read on »
This headline was really by Shelly La Fata This headline was really misleading...I wondered if he was waving HIS penis from the seated position, which I can only imagine drawing the attention of cougars throughout ... Read on »
Excellent points. My anxiety by Shelly La Fata Excellent points. My anxiety tends to try to convince me that everyone hates me. I've tried to start giving people the benefit of the doubt -- forcing myself to tell myself ... Read on »
Fantastic! Love it when that by Shelly La Fata Fantastic! Love it when that happens. Enjoy your road trip! :) Read on »
French Robin Designs "  I by Shelly La Fata French Robin Designs "  I cannot fathom the logic that went into that decision. " Really? In a country that contains unfortunate genetic misfits who don't feel safe unless ... Read on »
HapaMamaGrace nakisnakis by Shelly La Fata HapaMamaGrace nakisnakis ch3ryl mochamomma I've been looking for media like this! Thanks for sharing! Read on »
Give it a rest, chicken by Shelly La Fata Give it a rest, chicken little. Violent crime is dropping across the board in Western democracies and it has nothing to do with the USA's unhealthy obsession with firearms. ... Read on »
Courtney, you are one of the by Shelly La Fata Courtney, you are one of the coolest most interesting peeps that I semi-know! What an incredible story! It puts a lot of things into perspective! Read on »