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Yoga for People with Curves – Yoga DVD Review

Posted Oct 04 2011 7:08pm

Are you under the impression that yoga is just for the young, skinny and flexible? I know that’s what popular culture would have you believe, but it’s just not true.

Yoga is for everyone – especially the not-so-young, skinny or flexible. You just need to find the right style of yoga – a basic, simple style of yoga that is designed for real people. People like you and like me.

Yoga for People with Curves

That’s where  and his DVDs come in. Payne teaches a style of yoga called -  - a more therapeutic style of yoga – that is great for beginners of all ages, sizes and abilities. He calls his collection of   yoga DVDs designed to provide safe, user-friendly yoga routines, Yoga Rx.

 is designed for plus size yoga beginners wanting to lose weight.

In his introduction, Payne explains that weight loss results from sustainable lifestyle changes including exercise. He states, “You wouldn’t think doing yoga would help you from opening the refrigerator, but it does.” He goes on to provide a brief list of benefits of practicing yoga which include developing discipline and reducing stress, which I think is the really big benefit since stress so often leads to emotional and compulsive eating.

More About Yoga for People with Curves

The Weight Management for People with Curves DVD is filmed on the grounds of the in Mexico, which was voted the best destination spa in 2010 and 2011 by the readers of Travel & Leisure, and is on my list of places to visit someday (mostly because of its  - but I digress). It includes 2 fifteen-minute routines – the first, a series of positions on a chair or with a chair for support and the second series done on the floor. Yoga teacher, Larry Payne, provides expert instructions while a 43-year-old woman (who is actually larger than a size 10!) demonstrates.

The DVD moves at a slow steady pace, with expert instruction delivered over background music (designed to be soothing, but that some may find distracting). Poses are performed in a flowing manner encouraging you to coordinate your movement and your breath into a relaxing rhythm, which is very calming for your body and mind.

The first routine begins with gentle seated poses that include arm raises, chest openers, shoulder rolls and seated twists. This is followed by standing forward folds with the support of a chair, and cat stretches and torso circles done on hands and knees. The session ends lying on the back with a flowing knees-to-chest sequence and a few minutes of final relaxation in corpse pose.

The second routine includes 15 minutes of gentle floor work that includes pelvic tilts, a flowing bridge sequence, alternate leg lifts, hamstring stretches, reclining twists. The program concludes with a brief relaxation followed by alternate nostril breathing designed to balance your nervous system and a brief (3-4 minute) seated meditation in which you are guided to observe the natural rhythm of your breath.

There is nothing very physically challenging about the exercises performed on this DVD making it suitable for beginners of all levels. This DVD is all about learning to slow down and connect your breath and your movement, something that can be very challenging for those of us use to moving through life at breakneck speed. (But just what we need for healing, relaxation and stress reduction to work.)

If you are overweight or plus sized and looking for accessible, user-friendly yoga exercises to help you slow down, connect with your body, and relieve stress, that may very well lead to weight loss, you’ll want to check out Weight Management for People with Curves.

Highly Recommended

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