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Wish Cooking Healthy Food Was Simple?

Posted Feb 09 2010 12:00am

I am excited to share with you about GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse that will make preparing healthy food... simple and easy! Note: the enrollment ends February 22nd at 5 pm PST.

I have come to adore Wardeh and her sweet personality. She has a wonderful blog full of delicious, yet simple and healthy recipes. I came across her blog several months ago and have been very impress with how she shares her stuff.

I know many of you have emailed me personally... asking me how I am able to cook healthy yet keep it simple and easy. I have been trying to think of how I can help you all out, but thankfully found that Wardeh has already done that for you and me! Thanks Wardee!!

Here's a brief look into what she is offering:

An Idea
Not too long ago, I got an idea to create that simple plan for healthy and traditional cooking. You might wonder what traditional means. Traditional foods are those foods that have nourished people for centuries, before industry brought us not-so-nourishing fast foods and processed foods.

I asked myself: if I had to start from scratch, re-learning everything I know now, what would I do first? Second? Third?

And so the GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse was born. Okay, I chewed on it for awhile (no pun intended). Then I got to work.

The Main Problem
The main problem you’re probably facing is that you’re overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve read “Nourishing Traditions” by Sally Fallon, a fantastic resource for those interested in traditional and nourishing foods. It has taught me a whole lot. But let’s face the facts. It can be hugely overwhelming. Many put it down to take a deep breath, never to pick it up again.

And, let’s not forget the zillion websites, pages of information, and oodles of recipes across the internet. It’s no wonder you feel dizzy and find yourself getting nowhere fast.

There are so many things you could try to prepare or cook. But which should you make, where do you start, and how can you put everything together in a way that won’t completely overwhelm you? Even if you did figure out all you need to do, how do you get to the point where everyone is getting fed and enjoying it?

I Can Help You
The GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse is a brand-new, online, healthy and traditional cooking course. Cooking with GNOWFGLINS will help you feel better and look better – and the icing on the cake is that it jazzes you up for serving God and others.

We will focus on the simple, fundamental, traditional cooking skills that should be a part of every healthy kitchen. I will provide the basic information you need to get started now in healthy cooking. You’ll build your skills and your confidence one task at a time, one week at a time.

What’s in the eCourse?
This plan isn’t called “Fundamentals” for nothing. I carefully selected the basic skills in this eCourse, and I believe every healthy cook should know how to do them. They each have a purpose in the nutrient-dense diet that keeps us feeling, looking, and doing our best for God and others.

Overview: eCourse Overview
Lesson 1: The GNOWFGLINS Foundation
Lesson 2: How to Soak Whole Grains, Nuts and Seeds
Lesson 3: How to Make Soaked Whole-Grain Flour Baked Goods I
Lesson 4: How to Make Soaked Whole-Grain Flour Baked Goods II
Lesson 5: How to Soak and Cook Dry Beans
Lesson 6: How to Sprout Beans
Lesson 7: How to Cook a Chicken and Make Chicken Stock
Lesson 8: How to Make Skillet Dishes: A Dinner Formula
Lesson 9: How to Make Water Kefir
Lesson 10: How to Make Dairy Kefir
Lesson 11: How to Make Soft, Spreadable Cheese
Lesson 12: How to Make Sourdough Bread
Lesson 13: How to Sprout Whole Grains for Sprouted Grain Flour & How to Bake With Sprouted Grain Flour
Lesson 14: How to Make Natural Pickled Foods

What if you have dietary restrictions?

GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse can work for people with dietary restrictions. Because we’re talking about general formulas and benefits, the techniques can be applied (in most cases) while working around dietary restrictions. We will never use anything processed (other than baking powder, mentioned below), so you don’t have to worry about hidden dairy, corn, soy, gluten, nuts or eggs as a part of any food ingredient.

But what about whole food ingredients in the lessons? Iʼll address those various dietary restrictions specifically, so you can judge for yourself whether or not the eCourse is right for you.

Keep in mind that there are fourteen cooking lessons. Some dietary restrictions will be affected by a handful of lessons, but not more than that.

Wow, I think this is pretty awesome! Please consider signing up for the GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse to improve your health, knowledge and ability to make nutritious food right in your kitchen... simply & easily! The e-course is for 5 months and the enrollment ends February 22nd at 5 pm PST.

So, Sign up for GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse while there is time!!!

I am an affiliate and will be paid a small amount if people choose to join the e-Course.

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