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WIAW and Milk Dud Bon-Bons!

Posted Oct 30 2012 10:00pm

WIAW and Milk Dud Bon-Bons!

Sweets , WIAW October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!!!!!

….and it’s also ‘What I Ate Wednesday’!

Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats
This is the last week for Jenn’s October theme…*sniff*…

I figure most bloggers are in a hurry today to get to their own Halloween mischief, so I’m going to jump right in with today’s recipe (which just happens to also be a healthy Halloween treat)….

These babies have no corn syrup, no white sugar, and certainly no hydrogenated oils….

…but they are just as good as the ones that do!

Buttery caramel on the inside, and a sweet, soft milk chocolate coating…no tears shed for the missing toxins…



2 T. raw almond butter

1 T. maple syrup

1 T. coconut oil

1 T. coconut milk (almond milk works as well)

pinch salt

Whisk all until cohesive. Pour into a shallow non-stick skillet and heat until it comes to a bubble. Reduce heat and simmer on low for about 2 minutes. It will become thicker and darker. Pour into a glass bowl, and put into the fridge for about 20-30 minutes. Roll the ‘dough’ into nickel-sized balls and place on a wax paper-lined plate. Once all the dough has been used, place the plate into the freezer. Proceed to make the milk chocolate coating.


1/4 c. cocoa butter, melted (you can use coconut oil, but keep in mind it doesn’t stay hard at room temperature like cocoa butter)

1/4 c. cocoa powder

2 T. coconut milk

2 T. honey (or maple syrup if vegan)

a couple of dashes of salt

1 t. vanilla

All ingredients should be room temperature, if possible. Melt the cocoa butter in a non-stick skillet. Whisk everything together. You may wish to keep everything in the skillet, as the mixture needs to remain warm or the cocoa butter will set.

From above…

1. Take the frozen caramel balls…

2. The easiest method I’ve found for coating is to put the balls on toothpicks.

3. Dip the ball into the chocolate.

4. Ta-da! Place the balls back onto the wax paper to set. You can remove the toothpicks or leave them on for a cleaner bite. :-)

Pop these into the freezer once you’re finished for a delicious bon-bon treat!

What is everyone doing tonight??!!

I think my husband and I are going to paint our faces like zombies, dress up our daughters as princesses, and go trick-or-treating till we drop! Let’s face it, this is why I had kids. ;-)

I hope everyone has a super cool and safe Halloween!

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