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WIAW and Homemade Snow Cones!

Posted Jul 11 2012 12:38am

WIAW and Homemade Snow Cones!

Snacks , WIAW July 10, 2012

Hello everyone and happy ‘What I Ate Wednesday’ !

July is all about eating and fitness, and I’ve got a cool routine to share with you today! I’ve been asked about my gym routine, and I hope to be posting a page soon with detailed workouts, which are usually about 30 minutes in length. I will also have some pretty cool at-home circuits to share! My husband works a schedule where he’s gone for 24 hours at a time, so the at-home circuits definitely help when I can’t make it to the gym! I’ve also pinned some really cool ones onto my Pinterest board! One of my workouts this week looked like this:

5 minutes cardio warm-up

3 sets/12 reps upright row

135 squats (with the free bar) broken down like this:

3 sets/15 reps 65 lbs

3 sets/15 reps 55 lbs

3 sets/15 reps 45 lbs

3 sets/15 reps abductor machine, 100 lbs

3 sets/15 reps adductor machine, 150 lbs

3 sets/25 reps butt bridges (holding a 25 lb plate)

I hope this is interesting! I always feel weird posting about what I do in the gym because I am definitely no expert! :-)

On to the food!

As always, breakfasts are a lot of oatmeal (go figure) and pancakes!

My spelt berry crepe-cakes with vanilla raspberry syrup  really hit the spot, and they’re low in sugar and fat.

I’ve been taste-testing a lot of raw desserts because I’m trying to create a great no sugar, no added fat truffle recipe, and I think I’ve finally hit upon the right combination of ingredients!

I’ll be posting this recipe on Monday, so I hope you’ll swing in for it!

I found a great one-pot recipe with quinoa and kale (two of my favorite healthy foods) on the site  Food52  that I made for dinner one night…

A great easy, simple and healthy recipe! I amped up the protein a bit with some slices of hard-boiled egg, and I bet it’d be great with chickpeas too!

Finally, I’ve got a cute little snack recipe for you! I’ve always loved shaved ice, and (with the help of Glamour magazine) I figured out how to make my own!


1 c. orange juice

1 c. water

1 T. honey

1 t. vanilla

8 drops liquid stevia

Blend all. Freeze (covered) in Tupperware. Once frozen, take a box grater, and grate the block of frozen juice.

It’s such a refreshing snack and great for kiddos! You can easily change up the flavor to your liking too! Try blending up some fresh mango or watermelon or even strawberries for a great summer treat.

What is your favorite snow cone flavor?

I used to love banana! The place where we’d buy our filtered water doubled as a shaved ice shop, and I couldn’t wait to go with my mom and fill up on the stuff!




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