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WIAW #43: Sick Day

Posted Mar 27 2013 3:06pm

Oooh man you guys.  This week has not started off on the right foot for me.

Hmmm where to begin.

At around 2:00 pm on Monday, my tummy started feeling reallllly funny. At first I thought maybe I was just digesting something weird and that the pain would go away. Since I had a really important meeting at 3:00, I tried to power through the pain. I got some work done, but as my 3:00 meeting loomed closer and closer, my stomach pains only got worse.

By this time I knew something was seriously not ok. I told a few of my coworkers that I felt sick and said I would probably go home after my meeting. I kept telling myself that I just had to make it though the meeting, then I could go home.

Suddenly 3:00 struck and I went into the meeting pretending everything was fine. I got a little shaky at times, identified a few trash cans in case I needed to throw up at a moment’s notice, and said what I had to say in front of my three very important bosses who where in the meeting with me. Thank God.

As soon as I got back to my desk I called my manager and told her I was NOT feeling well and that I needed to go home ASAP. I didn’t even mess with the metro; I just hailed a cab and zoomed right home. [I should note that my manager is amazing and once she heard how I was feeling she offered to drive me home. I didn't want to inconvenience her, but what a gem.]

At some point on my ride home, the cab driver looked back at me and asked if I was going to be ok. I guess I looked a bit sick as well. Highlight of the week right there, when the cab driver is worried you’re going to vomit in his car. Awesome.

A few short minutes later we pulled up in front my apartment, I paid the fare and ran out, and then sprinted up the stairs. I even thought about what would happen if I didn’t make it inside my apartment and threw up on the carpeted hallway. Luckily that didn’t happen.

Somehow I made it all the way to the bathroom and gracefully threw up in the toilet before I was even able to remove my coat or pet Jack. [Side note: Jack was pretty annoyed at this actually. Usually the first thing I do upon my arrival is spend a good 5-7 minutes cooing over him, and he was annoyed that I favored the toilet over his cute face].

I spent the rest of the afternoon cowering under the covers with a fever and occasionally running to the bathroom to throw up more. What happened to me?!

Luckily yesterday was a much better day and thankfully there was no more vomit (Woohoo. Vomit-free days are the best kind). Instead I spent almost the whole day at home sleeping, which seemed to cure me completely.

I did manage to get down a little food (which was a huge improvement from the night before, when I could only eat 2 bites of soup and sip on Gatorade) but my eats weren’t anything exciting. I’ll show you anyway, obviously, since today is What I Ate Wednesday .


For breakfast I had a whole wheat English muffin topped with a little Brummel & Brown buttery spread. I thought some carbs would be good for my tummy. I also had an apple chopped up with almond butter. When I felt sick as a little kid, my grandma would make me eat an apple with a spoon (did anyone else have to do this?). It seems weird now, but apples always remind me of being sick and (maybe it’s just in my head) but they seem to make me feel better.


For lunch I had some chicken noodle soup and bread from Corner Bakery (which Fabio was sweet enough to bring home for me on Monday). I also had a few saltine crackers and a giant glass of blue Gatorade (unpictured). This lunch helped perk me up, but then I immediately took a three-hour nap. What can you do.

By the time I woke up at around 6:00 pm, I was feeling much, much better. I even had some energy to cook a normal dinner for Fabio and me.


I made some homemade calzones using whole wheat Pillsbury pizza crust, grilled chicken, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese (These were very easy! To make you just roll out the dough, cut into fourths, distribute toppings evenly among the four squares of dough, wrap them up like calzones, pinch the sides together, and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees). We also had green beans and carrots on the side. I thankfully had my appetite back at this point, so I ate every bite. Yum.

Today I’m back at work and feeling almost 100% better, so whatever that awful bug was at least it was quick. I am happy to report my stomach is completely back to normal and my fever is gone.


Question of the day: Did you have any weird remedies for being sick as a kid?

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