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WIAW #42

Posted Mar 20 2013 4:26pm

Happy first day of spring! Does it actually feel like spring anywhere out there? I don’t know how the weather is where you guys are, but today is wiiiindy and cold in the Nation’s capital.

Oh, also, it might snow tonight. And again on Monday. Awesome. Guess that groundhog was pretty inaccurate when he said warm weather was on his way, huh? Oh well, I’m sure it’ll warm up eventually. Right? Right? Right??

Anyway, things are super crazy around here (seriously, I know I said that last week , but it’s so much worse now) so I apologize if my posts seem to be lacking a little bit this week. Just to give you a little snapshot of what I’ve been dealing with, let me explain that on Monday night I stayed at work until 8:00 pm, then yesterday I came in at 7:45 am (waaay earlier than usual) and I didn’t leave work until after 9:30 pm. Seriously! 9:30!

By the time I sat down to eat dinner, it was almost 10:30 and time for bed. Quite annoying. Hopefully things should slow down later this week and I’ll be back to normal. Cross your fingers!

Ok, ok. Enough whining. It’s Wednesday so let’s get into today’s What I Ate Wednesday post! Thanks to Jenn for always hosting the linkup.

So, let’s check out what I ate yesterday during my super busy day at work, shall we?


Yummmm I love this breakfast. In my bowl I had 1/2 a serving of Multigrain Cheerios and 1/2 a serving of Fiber One Chocolate Cereal with skim milk. So delicious! I actually ran out of the Fiber One cereal after I poured this bowl, so it looks like I’ll be switching it up for a little while. What cereal should I try next? Anyone have a good suggestion for a cereal they love?

I also had a banana on the side :)


I’m sure you guys are shocked by this combo ;) Yes, for lunch I had turkey on a sandwich thin with American cheese and mustard. I also had carrots and hummus on the side. I swear I do eat other things for lunch, especially leftovers from dinner, but I guess that doesn’t usually happen on Tuesdays when I take these photos haha! Still a great lunch in my book.

Snack I

We had a few clients come into the office yesterday afternoon and there was some fruit salad leftover from their meeting. Woohoo! I happily enjoyed a big bowl of it for an afternoon snack and it was great :) Free food? Yes please! The fresh pineapple was particularly delicious. Yummmm.


Since I didn’t start cooking dinner until after 10:00 pm, I definitely wanted something fast and filling. On the one hand, I was tempted to just have a bowl of cereal or something simple since I was exhausted from the day and didn’t feel like doing a thing.

On the other hand, I was really hungry and knew I would regret not eating a proper dinner if I just went with cereal; so I found a compromise! I wound up cooking a sweet potato in the microwave. Hooray for dinner in 4.5 minutes!

I mixed the insides of the sweet potato with some black beans, a wedge of laughing cow cheese, and some hot peppers that I had in the fridge. A little salt and pepper and it was good to go! This dinner is so good and I love it every time! Plus I got full after only eating half, so I had the other half for lunch today. This is such a great, fast dinner!

Snack II

I’ve been trying to cut down on the amount of sweets I’ve been eating lately because I felt like I was having dessert way too often and it was becoming less of a “special occasion” and more like and “every day (or even every meal) occasion.”

Obviously I can’t turn off my sweet tooth completely, so I’ve been munching on these delicious Sunsweet Prunes whenever a craving hits. I know they look gross, but they taste like big raisins and I love the mushy ones. Seriously, I know it sounds weird but they are soo good! I highly recommend them!

And that’s it! That’s what I ate on Tuesday. It wasn’t the best selection of foods obviously, especially since there was not a green veggie in sight, but sometimes when you are busy busy busy there’s only so much you can do. It could have been much worse for sure!

Weight Watchers

You may have noticed that I did not list the Weight Watchers points for any of my meals yesterday. The simple reason is because I was too busy to track the points, but the more complicated reason is because I feel like once I have been on Weight Watchers for a while, I start to mentally keep track of what’s ok to eat and what’s not, and I don’t really need the program anymore. I lost the few pounds that crept on late last year, and am (relatively) happy with my body right now, so I’ve been thinking of canceling my WW subscription.

The only problem with this is that if I’m not tracking every day, it’s a slippery slope back to splurging or eating too much. This is actually why I had to rejoin WW in the first place; because I feel like without the accountability of tracking it’s too easy to eat a little too much of this and a little too much of that.

I’m not going to cancel my membership just now, but I might soon if I continue to “forget” to use the tracker. What do you guys think?

Question of the day: How do you keep yourself from slipping back into old (and bad) habits?

Also, what’s your favorite cereal?

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