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WIAW #4…a little taste of Summer eats!

Posted May 08 2013 10:39am



WIAW #4…a little taste of Summer eats!


We seriously have THE weirdest weather here. The Canadian prairies… one day it’s snowing, and then next it’s like a hot summer day… this is not out of the norm.

When we got back from Hawaii just over a week ago I came home to snow on the ground, and it snowed for the three days following. Then on Monday this week (the day I tracked my eating for today’s What I Ate post)… get this.. it was 27 degrees C (or 80 degrees F) 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it was wonderful! I had the day off work too, so it was a splendid day spent outside! I did a lot of outdoor eating as you’ll see, and made some summer inspired treats too!

For breakfast I had my usual protein pancakes and egg white omelet. I change up my pancakes all the time, trying out different combinations but I always stick with the same pancake base. I’ve had a lot of inquiries about these protein pancakes so I’ll give you the low down!

For the base I always use:

10g oat flour 10g protein powder (chocolate or vanilla) 10g ground flaxseed 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 packet stevia Then I will use about 1 tablespoon pumpkin puree, mashed banana, or applesauce (I’ve  thought of trying carrot puree for carrot cake pancakes, and sweet potato too, I just haven’t gotten there yet!). 

Then I add 1 tablespoon egg white (I’ve tried without and they turn out fine, so they aren’t necessary for those who are vegan or cant eat eggs!) 1/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, and 3 tablespoons unsweetened almond milk.

Depending on what I am feeling I will top the pancakes with peanut butter or mashed berries!

Spices are what also change them up, I’ve used cinnamon with the applesauce, chocolate protein powder with banana, and pumpkin pie spice with the pumpkin!

For the pancakes I had this morning I used chocolate protein powder, mashed bananas, and topped them with peanut butter and banana slices! DELICIOUS!

Then I had a 4 egg white + 1 whole egg omelet on the side topped with dill!

After breakfast I did my morning ritual of checking and answering emails, making my to do list for the day,  attending to blog related business, made some phone calls, checked Facebook.. and so on!

Because it was my day off I also finally got to cleaning the kitchen floor! So after all that I had worked up an appetite! It was time for morning snack!

I whipped up a quick Very Berry Protein Shake using 1/2 scoop my fave North Coast Naturals chocolate whey isolate protein powder, about 1 cup mixed blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and frozen banana, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, and ice! 

Then on the side I had 8 yummy little almonds!

Something about eating a smoothie with a spoon just makes it taste that much better!

After my morning snack it was time to hit the gym, and finally get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Monday’s are usually my REST day, but I decided to go anyways because it was a day off work and I was feeling the urge to do some good heart-pumpin’ cardio! Which was exactly what I did!

After the gym I quickly ran a couple errands then I booted it home to make this DELICIOUS Zen Scramble Bowl!

Yup, you’ve heard about this bowl before, and you will hear about it again!

Remember in Hawaii when I went to the Beet Box Cafe? I had this Zen Scramble plate, and it was out of this world!

Well, since then I’ve been perfecting my own version of it, and on this day, I got it down! I’m going to be posting the full recipe next week so stay tuned, it’s one you don’t want to miss!

This bowl to sum it up is a combo of veggies (kale, broccolini, carrot, tomato, mushrooms) scrambled with egg whites in a curry powder spice mixture, with lime juice, on a bed of quinoa, topped with avocado and sprouts!

The process of making the Zen Scramble Bowl and taking all the pictures for next weeks post had me salivating so I grabbed 1/2 natural (nitrate free) chicken sausage from dinner the night before to munch on until I finally got out on the deck to enjoy my Zen bowl….

I really did feel “zen” as I sat on the deck in the afternoon quiet, the sun shining down on me, while I enjoyed my wonderful day off and thought about the many blessings in my life.

Aaahh.. twas a good moment!

After lunch I hopped in the shower and got myself presentable for public as the hubby and I had plans to head out to meet some friends for Happy Hour on a patio!

Quickly, before we made our way to meet our friends, I made a batch of (Vegan) Peach & Chocolate Protein Fudgesicles as I knew it would be time to eat my (late) afternoon snack when we got home!

I picked up these nifty little popsicle molds over the weekend and was dying to put them to use. I figured this  funny Monday-in-May-masquerading-as-a-full-blown-Summer-day was the perfect timing!

I blended up 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder with 1 cup frozen peaches and 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, and a little bit of ice! This gave me a thick “ice cream” like mixture that I filled the molds with.

The “fudge” in these “fudgesicles” came from THE MOST DELICIOUS product I’ve stumbled upon in a long while.

Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter was one of the items I got in my awesome free shipment from, and I have fallen in love. It’s pretty much a cleaner, healthy version of Nutella. It’s naturally sweetened, vegan, and GMO free!

I put a dollop into each mold then popped the fudgesicles in the freezer and went out!

I guzzled back water and had a few sips of light beer on the patio we went to! It was a nice little kick off to Summer (although who knows, it could be snowing here next week! I guess we will see!) 

A couple hours later when we returned home, the fudgesicles were frozen and ready to be devoured!

So, once again, I perched myself on the deck and enjoyed every little bite! The Hubby was lucky enough to get one too although I could have easily eaten all three to myself!

Trust me… there will be many more of these popsicle/fudgesicle concotions over the summer… I’ve got TONS of ideas swimming around in my head!

A little while later we fired up the BBQ and tossed on a few salmon filets rubbed with tandoori spice! We grilled up a bit of red bell pepper to go with, and I made some lime cilantro quinoa, and side salads with balsamic dressing.

Dinner was clean, filling, healthy, and super tasty! The flavorful Tandoori spice couple with the lime and cilantro that I put in the quinoa made a perfect combo!

A great way to end the day!

I logged my eats as usual on My Fitness Pal app, and here’s what the calorie and macro totals for the day looked like for those who are interested!

1,586 calories 111 g carbs 47 g fat 137 g protein 30 g fiber 28 g sugar   I weigh pretty much everything I eat on most days, then I log the food into My fitness Pal on my iPhone or iPad. When I first got into the habit of logging my food it was a little time consuming,  but I’m so used to it now (and the app has logged all my regular foods) it’s become a very quick process and I probably spend a whole 10 minutes out of my entire day logging.

For me, this is how I stay accountable. It REALLY helps me personally and I’m sure this habit isn’t for everyone, but for me, it works!

For anyone out there who has My Fitness Pal and would like some extra accountability or some support over the app, feel free to add me as a friend! My username is “christaldawn”.

Have a wonderful Wednesday! I hope you have enjoyed this edition of WIAW!


Nutritionist in the Kitch

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