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WIAW #31: Enjoying the holidays

Posted Jan 02 2013 2:07pm

Hey there, kiddos! I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that it’s already Wednesday. I woke up this morning dragging my feet and dreading work (after eleven days off I was getting pretty spoiled) until I remembered that it’s already Wednesday. Woohoo! I can totally deal with that ;)

Anyway, as part of my Wednesday routine around here I’d like to show you all some of the delicious things that I’ve been eating lately. However, instead of a usual What I Ate Wednesday post where I show you one day’s worth of food, I’m going to show you guys some of the delicious things I ate all last week and during the holidays. I have to warn you though, hardly any of it was healthy.

I went into the holidays with a mindset to enjoy and appreciate the festive holiday food, and that’s exactly what I did (I should clarify that I also made sure to workout a ton since I had so much free time, and I made sure to get back on track today with my Weight Watchers. It’s all about balance!).

I also have to stop for a moment to thank Jenn , as usual, for hosting the What I Ate Wednesday blogger linkup and for allowing us to all come together to talk about food :) What more could you ask for?

 Ready? Set? Gooooo!

Friday after work Fabio and I kicked off the start of our holiday by enjoying a couple of glasses of champagne in front of the Christmas tree. This was a delicious and festive way to start off the weekend :) Also as a fun fact, my aunt pointed out that the outline of our champagne glasses creates a silhouette of a champagne bottle. It was totally on accident but kind of cool, right? Can you see it?
Later last weekend I went out with a few of my friends from home and enjoyed some casual beers and then this monstrous margarita. Holy tequila. It was delicious and pretty fun to drink :) We also had a few shots of tequila afterwords. Yikes.


I know I showed you all this pound cake that I made last Friday , and I was so excited to finally try it with my family. It turned out delicious and everyone seemed to really enjoy it (oh, and the cake balls were pretty well-received too!)


The night before Christmas Eve I went out to dinner with my grandparents after church. We went to Annie’s (where we went for my birthday ) and I ordered this tilapia and spinach dish for my main meal. I was hoping it would be a lighter choice on the menu (fish + spinach? how bad could it be?), but with all that cream sauce and breading I was a bit disappointed. Oh well, it was delicious nonetheless!


The next day was Christmas Eve and we had a big feast at my grandparents’ house. We started off with a bloody marry for me (and my grandpa makes ‘em strong!!) and a beer for Fabio. Delish!


Soon it was time to eat! On the menu was sweet potato casserole (with marshmallows, obvs), green bean casserole, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and turkey. Since we didn’t really get to celebrate Thanksgiving with my grandparents, it was nice to eat some Thanksgiving-type food for Christmas instead :)


Hello, Mr. Turkey!


The next food photo that I have is from the morning after Christmas when my stepdad made me some delicious eggs with potato hash and toast. He is a great cook and this breakfast was no exception!! I wish he could make me this every morning! There is also another blood marry over there on the side ;) I guess they are popular in my family?


After the eggs I was pretty full all day, so I wound up skipping lunch. That means that by dinner time I was starving so Fabio and I ordered a pizza. Ledos, with chicken and tomatoes, of course . So good. Every time.


This picture is of a corn and potato soup that I made last week while I was home from work. It was based off a Weight Watchers recipe and is only 5 points plus for a generous 1 cup serving. It was really delicious, and the leftovers lasted me forever! I’ll have to post the recipe for you guys soon :)


My next photo is from this past weekend when Fabio’s dad came to visit and we took him around to do touristy things in D.C. One of those activities included stopping by Ben’s Chili Bowl which is famous for its amazing history and A-list clientele. I have to admit that the food didn’t knock my socks off (I ordered a half smoke which was really good, but the chili, bun, and french fries were just okay) but I was truly fascinated when the owner stopped by our table to talk about the history of Ben’s.

Apparently Ben’s opened in the 1950′s and used to have people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Nat King Cole stopping by regularly by for their food. After Dr. King was murdered, riots engulfed the city and everything was in shambles. Ben’s was one of the few establishments that stayed open with special police permission in order to feed the volunteers who helped bring peace to the city.

Ben’s continued to grow over the decades, but really blossomed when Bill Cosby took his girlfriend (and now wife) there on dates. Mr. Cosby has made it a point to recommend Ben’s Chili Bowl to everyone he comes into contact with, including promoting Ben’s on Oprah, late night TV shows, and during his comedy routines.

Now Ben’s Chili Bowl has been visited by the president of France and Barack Obama! While the owner was telling us all this we saw a family from Texas and Australia. It was so cool to be able to talk to someone who has lived through so much history, even if the food was just mediocre.


Fabio’s dad also treated us to some Bolivian food while he was here, in the form of saltenas!! My absolute favorite ! They are kind of like little chicken pot pies with chicken pieces, broth, and veggies inside. If you ever get a chance to try Bolivian food you must try saltenas. They are sooooo good.


After a very fun and very alcohol-filled New Year’s Eve, Fabio and I were left with some leftover champagne. Perfect for morning mimosas!! Such a fun way to celebrate New Year’s Day :)

I also made some healthy baked pumpkin donuts to enjoy with our mimosas (btw Webster approves both spellings: doughnuts and donuts ;) fun fact for the day) using a new donut pan that I got for Christmas! They were delicious and I promise to post the recipe soon!


And finally, after all those days of unhealthy eating, I settled down to a nice “detoxing” plate of fresh fruit last night to try to cleanse my body of all the gunk. I’m also eating really healthy today and planning to complete an intensive workout when I get home today so hopefully I can repair any damage I did to my body after all that alcohol and junk food!

I have to admit though that I had a wonderful holiday vacation and I don’t regret my food choices for a minute :) As long as I can get back on track this week I should be a-okay!

Question of the day: Did you splurge on holiday favorites, or did you keep your clean eating going during the long break?

Although a lot of these meals were large and unhealthy, I did manage to snack on plenty of “normal” foods like bowls of cereal and fruit for breakfast or chicken and veggies for dinner. However, those pictures are a lot less fun to look at, so I enjoyed reminiscing with you all on some of the more “fun” things that I ate over the holidays :)

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