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WIAW #3 !

Posted Apr 10 2013 11:30am



WIAW #3 !

I seriously have so much fun doing these What I Ate posts! It’s also such a good way to keep me accoutable for what I eat, like a food log.. on steroids!

I tracked my food for this post on this past Sunday!

It was a super busy day, and a fantastic day at that, and I managed to get in a bunch of healthy eats!

My routine was a little messed up because I went to the Jillian Michaels show that night, so I had to eat my dinner earlier than planned and had a snack later on, so it was a little off than my usual routine, and I only had 5 meals rather than 6. I still managed to stay on track though by making sure I ate every 3 hours to keep my metabolism humming and to avoid getting “hangry” (Nobody wants to see a “hangry” Christal.. trust me..;))!

So breakfast was kind of the same as usual, but I have been playing around with some different ways to eat my carbs in the morning.

I made my typical egg white omelet but only using 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg. Then the remaining two egg whites I put in a bowl, and mixed with some oat flour, ground flaxseed, vanilla protein powder, baking powder, vanilla extract, unsweetened coconut milk, and crushed frozen raspberries!

I had breakfast with water, and my usual supplements – probiotics, vitamin D, multi vitamin, and a flax capsule! It was delicious, filling, and got my day started!

After breakfast I went to church with the hubby, and then I came home to make my snack quickly before heading to the gym!

I made this, what I like to call, “Strawberries & Cream” Protein Smoothie!

I could probably live off protein smoothies and be the happiest person alive, always. These smoothies are seriously the highlight of my eating every single day. Like I’ve mentioned before, they seriously taste like ice cream. ICE CREAM!

For this smoothie, I blended up some frozen strawberries, unsweetened coconut milk (the ‘cream’), and ice, with my favorite North Coast Naturals Whey Protein in Vanilla, and then topped it with flaked unsweetened coconut.

Serious yum factor.

After my smoothie, I moseyed over to the gym and did a mean hamstrings and calves workout with a good 45 minutes of sweat-dripping-down-my-face cardio. It was fantastic!

I came home pretty ravenous and needed something quick and delicious to feed my muscles and refuel my body!

I had some cooked chicken breast in the fridge (always prepared!), and also some cooked quinoa/rice blend (so good to have things on hand!), and I decided to make a “warm” salad.

I tossed the chicken into a pan with green beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms, and seasoned it all with some chili powder, cumin, cayenne, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Then I tossed in the quinoa/rice blend and a couple tablespoons of salsa. I drizzled some Frank’s Red hot sauce over the mixture and poured it all over a bed of spring mix lettuce!

Super fast, incredibly tasty, and just what my body needed!

After lunch I did some work for a few hours.

Alas, even on a Sunday meal plans must be made and there is work to be done!

So I busied myself with that for a few hours, and then decided that because I was heading out at 6:30  to meet my sister and bestie for the Jillian Michaels show, I would have my dinner rather than a snack at 6:00pm (I didn’t end up having lunch until 2:30 because I woke up later than usual at 9:00am, so all my meals were pushed back later than when I typically eat them! )

I wanted a kind of “set it and forget it” dinner because I had to hop in the shower and get ready while it was being made, so I decided on an “en papillote” meal!

What the heck is “en papillote”?!?!

Basically “en papillote” is French for “in parchment”. This is a dish where you put ingredients into a parchment paper pouch, and it steams and cooks everything inside and you end up with this amazingly flavorful easy dish!

I actually learnt this method back in the day when I was waitressing at a restaurant and the chef would always cook me up wonderful dishes. He made a “salmon en papillote” for me all the time with loads of veggies and I LOVED it… thanks Chef Gerardo!

I used trout, which was what I had on hand in the fridge, and threw in some green beans! I drizzled the salmon with pure honey and dijon mustard, then I squeezed lemon juice over everything, sprinkled dill over the trout and green beans, and seasoned with salt and pepper. Then I threw in a couple slices of lemon for that extra zing! I wrapped it all up in my “papillote” and popped it in the oven at 400 degrees for 15 minutes, while I showered!

Let the oven do all the work! 

Then I made a little side salad to go with it, and threw a 1/4 cup of quinoa/rice blend in the mix!

Dinner was done. And my, oh my, was it tasty! I actually made this again on Monday night because it was so yummy – the hubby agreed.

Then, I was off to Jillian Michaels!!!


But wait. “What if I get hungry?!”

Yep. I literally think about food all the time.

I knew that the show would likely last a few hours (with intermission and all), so I didn’t want to be stuck with no food, and the risk of Hangry Christal showing up to the party, so I threw a rice cake in a ziploc and a tablespoon of almond butter in a little Tupperware and tossed it in my purse.

During the intermission for the show which was at 8:30, I munched on this snack (I only ate half because I wasn’t actually starving and I knew I’d be having a delicious snack when I got home). 

The show, by the way, was AWESOME. Jillian Michaels is great, and she had some fantastic information that I will be using for myself and to pass along to clients. I’m actually thinking of doing a ‘What I Learnt From Jillian Micheals” post, it was that good!

I got home around 10:00pm and was pretty hungry at that point. Knowing it was pretty late, I questioned wether I should eat or not, but the grumbling in my stomach won.

I whipped up a quick batch of “Vanilla Protein Apple & Almond Butter Crepes”!

Protein crepes are so easy and delicious! Low-carb, protein-packed, healthy crepes, what’s not to love!?

I mixed up 3/4 scoop of vanilla protein powder with 2 egg whites, a tablespoon of applesauce, stevia, and some pumpkin pie spice. Then I poured the batter into a heated pan, to make just a thin layer, and as it cooked I topped it with a tablespoon of almond butter and 1/4 of an apple, thinly sliced.

As the crepe cooked, the almond butter melted, and the apples warmed. Then I folded the edges over the filling, and sprinkled it all with some cinnamon.

I devoured it in probably less than one minute. Cookie-monster style. 

Nom, nom, nom. 

And there you have it folks, my day of eating! My drinks as usual consisted of water, water, and more water.

I prefer to eat my calories rather than drink them anyways ;)(although.. there’s always wine.. but that was for another day!) 

I tracked my entire day on My Fitness Pal app and here is what it looked like if you are wondering about my calories, macros, and ratios!

My total calories for the day was 1,493

(… I also snuck in about 2 tablespoons of a secret recipe that I will be sharing next week on the blog… it is a homemade granola but that’s all I’m telling you… I DID log it in my fitness pal, so it was accounted for even though I didn’t put it in this post! You’ll have to wait till next week to see what was so good that I couldn’t resist having a little taste of!) 

I was happy to see I had a good ratio of macros, all pretty even, which I think is perfect for me! Typically my protein intake is a bit higher than my carb intake than this, but this was still a good day, no complaints!

Here is a more detailed break down of the grams of each macronutrient I took in. Ignore the “goal” and “left” columns as my fitness pal is set to a weird setting and I don’t know how to change it. Just look at the “total” column to see what I actually took in.

I hope you have enjoyed this somewhat lengthy ‘What I Ate’ post!

I love questions and comments, so please do leave some.

What do you think of my eating, tell me about your eating, just say hi, tell me about how you love Jillian Micheals too…let’s be blogosphere friends! :)


Nutritionist in the Kitch

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