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WIAW #23: Take me out to the ball game

Posted Oct 03 2012 5:30pm

Hey guys! I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! Mine has been super busy and I have barely sat down all day. I had one meeting all morning until 2:00, a meeting at 2:30, one at 3:30, and one at 5:00. Phew! Plus I am hoping to make it to the gym after work (I had to be at work early this morning and didn’t have time for a workout), do laundry, vacuum, clean the bathroom, and take out the garbage (which if you have been paying attention I was supposed to do on Monday . Woops. I definitely have to take it out today. No more procrastinating). Such a busy day!

So, because this day is so busy and I don’t have too much time to chat with you all today, I will just leave you with a quick What I Ate Wednesday post. Thanks, as always, go to Jenn for hosting such an awesome blogger link up!

Without further ado, here’s what I ate yesterday!


I had another two ingredient pancake made with one banana and one egg. I also threw in a splash of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt in this time for some extra flavor. It was delicious! Unfortunately I tried to multitask and let the pancake cook on the stove while I got ready for work. This was a bad idea and the pancake burned (womp womp) but it was still delicious. I served it with a bit of melted peanut butter on top and it was awesome!! This is definitely one of my new favorite breakfasts.


Yesterday’s lunch was a good one! Of course I had my usual low-sodium turkey sandwich on a whole wheat sandwich thin with reduced fat American cheese and mustard. When don’t I have that for lunch? Haha! But I also had some delicious (albeit, teeth-breakingly-thick) baby carrots with a to-go packet of Sabra hummus (love). I also had a couple of Sunsweet pitted prunes as my “dessert.” Those babies are so delicious and I have to be careful that I don’t consume more than I should since they are pretty high in sugar, despite being a “superfruit.” If you haven’t tried these yet I definitely recommend them!


After work yesterday I headed to a National’s baseball game with a few friends. I was worried about what I was going to eat because although I love ballpark chicken fingers and fries, they are bad for my waistline and my wallet. I was so happy when we came out from the metro and saw there was a Subway right outside of the park! I grabbed a 6 inch buffalo chicken sandwich on whole wheat bread with provolone, lettuce, tomato, and ranch. It wasn’t the healthiest option there, but I was craving some delicious buffalo chicken. Yum!! I enjoyed this with half a bag of Baked Lay’s and some iced tea. I also had two Bud Lights at the game.

So there you have it, my eats from yesterday. Not the best, I admit, but considering the damage I could have done at the ballpark, I am chalking it up to a win. Kinda like the Nationals, who wound up beating the Phillies 4 to 2. Woo!

So tell me, how do you handle eating healthy at big events like baseball games? What do you do when there are no healthy options around?

See you all tomorrow!

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