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WIAW #20: Back to Normal

Posted Sep 12 2012 1:21pm

Hellooo! How is everyone today? I don’t know about you guys but this chillier weather is getting me really pumped for fall. I already had my first pumpkin spice late from Starbuck’s earlier this week and I am thinking I may need to make a trip down to my storage bin in my apartment complex to see if there are any fall decorations hiding in there from last year. If not, I may need to purchase some because I’m getting really excited for fall! Yay!

Anyway, today is Wednesday and I am glad to report that I am finally back to normal with my WIAW posts! You may have seen Catrina’s Weight Watchers Edition of WIAW a couple weeks ago or my Rome WIAW post last week, but now that I am back and completely settled into my regular routine, I have a normal WAIW post for you guys today. Thank goodness.

As always, a huge thank you goes out to Jenn for hosting the linkup. I just love being a part of such a huge blogging phenomenon and being able to share what I ate with the rest of the blog community.

So, without further ado, here’s what I ate yesterday! Hopefully it will align with Jenn’s suggestion that we all “fall” into good habits this season. Haha.

1. For breakfast, I had a small container of fat free blueberry chobani Greek yogurt. I topped it with half of a sliced banana (Fabio ate the other half) and a sprinkle of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal. This was a delicious meal filled with a variety of texture and a ton of protein and fiber! Seriously, the Kashi Crunch has 9 g of protein in every serving and you know Greek yogurt is just bursting with protein too, so this meal kept me full all morning. Win!

2. For lunch I enjoyed my usual sandwich thin with low-sodium turkey, reduced-fat American cheese, and mustard. On the side I enjoyed some baby carrots and a mini packet of hummus. I had some fresh grapes for “dessert.” This was another extremely filling meal and I felt really satisfied after. Plus, I was happy that I got some fruits & veggies into my lunch which doesn’t always happen. Maybe I’m “fall”-ing into a good habit here? Lol.

3. For a snack later in the day, I enjoyed a small apple with a huge cup of green tea. I haven’t had a cup of green tea in forever (because it’s too hot for summer) but yesterday I felt like bringing it around again. I like it unsweetened and hot, so it was delicious. The apple was great too!

4. Fabio defrosted a couple of steaks last weekend in the hopes that we would have a BBQ, but we never got around to it. Womp womp. We needed to use up the steaks before they went bad so we had them for dinner last night. I’m usually not exactly a steak person per se, but Fabio is pretty good at cooking them so this one was delicious. Very well-seasoned and not overcooked. Perfection. On the side we had some roasted asparagus and delicious mayo-free potato salad. Look out for the potato salad recipe verrrrrrry soon! ;)

And there you have it! That’s everything I ate yesterday. All in all I’d say it wasn’t too bad. I managed to get a good amount of fruits & veggies in my diet and ate a lot of protein. Not too shabby!

Oh, and before I forget, you guys have to see the size of this carrot I had in my lunch yesterday.

Seriously?!? That thing is gigantic. What kind of hormones are they putting in our veggies these days anyway? Stuff like this makes me want to ignore sale prices and only buy organic. With my budget though, I don’t see that happening anytime soon :(

Ok sorry, I just felt like I had to share my Super Carrot with you guys lol.

So tell me, what have you guys been eating lately? Have you “fall”-en into any good habits recently? Or eaten any super veggies? Haha :)

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