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WIAW #15 – More Changes & ‘Zoodles’ Galore!!

Posted Oct 23 2013 12:14pm



WIAW #15 – More Changes & ‘Zoodles’ Galore!!


So I was chatting with my girlfriend the other day and she had a question about a recipe in one of my posts! I told her the answer was in the post and her response was ‘oh, I didn’t read it all, your posts are freeeakin novels!’.

BAH! I know, I know, I’m a very long winded person sometimes, SO for this WIAW, I’m going to try to make it short and sweet….try :)  

For all of you who actually read through my entire posts, I give you applause, lol, I know I am a ‘chatty Kathy’ so it only makes sense my posts would be that way…. see here, I’m doing it already, making my post long! 

OK – here’s what I ate the other day! 

So, a follow up to my last WIAW – I was trying to introduce ‘refeeds’ into my diet as instructed by my lovely trainer who is working with me and the hubby on our current 12-week fitness challenge! I was struggling with snacking and being hungry all the time so we tried to add in a couple refeed days per week – you can read about this here.

Well, turns out that still wasn’t working for me. I just feel super hungry, grumpy, and snacky on my non-refeed days, so we decided to change it up again and up my total calories and carbs for every day. Some people manage better on lower carbs, and some people… like me, do not. So we’ve at least figured that out!

I’m now sticking in the range of 1,400-1,500 calories per day (while on our challenge) and my carbs are closer to 130-140g per day! Even after the first few days of testing this out I felt SO much better! I’m happy I’m learning about my body and it’s needs in this process, and that my trainer is putting my health (and happiness) as a priority!

So breakfast is still my favorite oats and eggs, but just a little bigger! This day I had an Egg White Omelet spiced with Dill and Berbere spice , given to me by a lovely client (HELLO DELICIOUSNESS, you MUST try this spice mix!) and Oatmeal w/ Flaxseed, PB2, and Raspberries! 

My morning snack was 0% Plain Greek Yogurt, mixed with Natural Peanut Butter, and more Raspberries! I love raspberries and I LOVE THIS SNACK!

It’s typically my choice morning snack at work because it’s quick to eat between appointments and fills me up just enough!

For lunch this day I had a smoked salmon, tortilla, salad, cream cheese, and tomatoes hodge podge thing! 

I used about 3/4 of a sprouted grain tortilla, and ate it with natural smoked salmon, some capers and light cream cheese, over mixed greens with some yummy cherry tomatoes on the side.

A great balance of complex carbs with fiber, healthy fats and protein, and veggies!

Post-Workout, after I got home from work and the gym was a Berry Protein Ice Cream bowl which I topped with some trail mix!

If your a regular blog follower you will already know I eat a protein smoothie every single day, these are TOTALLY one of my favorite meals because they taste like Ice Cream but are healthy!

This one had frozen mixed berries, frozen peaches, North Coast Naturals vanilla whey protein, ice, almond milk, some cinnamon, and I topped it with some trail mix! 

For dinner that night it was my latest obsession … ZOODLES!

I love making ‘noodles’ out of zucchini! When cooked only slightly to warm (very al dente), the zoodles stand in perfectly for pasta! You might remember THIS RECIPE from a while back that featured these ‘zoodles’! Oh, and THIS RECIPE too!

I use my trusty mandolin slicer which I paid less than $30 for from HomeSense, and I slice up a couple zucchinis! Then in a pan with some sliced mushrooms it goes!

I mixed together some cooked ground turkey with organic pasta sauce, and poured it over the zoodles! Then a sprinkling of feta cheese finished it off!

Seriously delicious, and incredibly easy, and a great way for me to keep dinner lower-carb and higher-protein, but still very filling and nutritious!

My evening snack that day was a Brown Rice Cake w/ Natural Peanut Butter and a little drizzle of Raw Honey!

(I totally forgot to take a picture!!! WOOPS!)

That was my day!

I totaled around 1,460 calories with around 135g carbs, 40g fat, 145g protein – this is a 40% protein/35% carb/25% fat split (which is kind of what I’m aiming for right now – this seems to work best with my body, and I feel good, energized, and not deprived!) 

Hope you enjoyed this edition of WIAW!

Are you already out the door to go get a mandolin so you can make ZOODLES too??? :)  


Nutritionist in the Kitch

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