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Which is healthier: Coconut oil, olive oil or plain butter?

Posted by Jessica H.

I have heard differing opinions and want to know which is healthier and if the cooking methods are different among them. 
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Hi Jessica

Coconut Oil has been classified as the "Healthiest Oil On The Planet" . It can be use for every cooking application except high temperture cooking as it can get a bit smokey. It can also be used as a moisturiser for the skin. There is a great book by  Bruce Fife who heads the "The Coconut Research Centre". He is recognised as the world's leading authority on coconut oil research.

Hope this helps.

Warmest Wishes

Andre T

As a proud Italian, I always turn to olive as my everyday oil. High in monounsaturated fat, olive oil is proven to offer anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, digestive health, and anti-cancer benefits. It contains the most polyphenols out of any oil, which function as important antioxidants. Olive oil also lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol and prevents blood vessel clumping (platelet aggregation).

 A light drizzle to finish any dish tastes great and offers amazing health benefits!

-Best, Ali.

Coconut oil is abundant in my country but I prefer olive oil over it. Its health benefits are far superior compared to coconut oil in my opinion. Plain butter is unhealthy. For cooking, I recommend virgin olive oil. The extra virgin oil is best as dressing for your fresh green salad.

Hi Jessica!

I've heard some great things about all those oils. But some are better than others once cooked. For instance, olive oil has amazing benefits (like the comments already given) when raw, but once cooked has similar properties to vegetable oil! Which we know is horrible. For cooking, I love coconut oil and grape seed oil the best, as their properties don't change under high heat. And both have neutral tastes. Also, I know butter gets a bad rap sometimes, but have heard great benefits of that as well! Hope that gives you some clarification. :)

I'd go the olive oil or coconut oil route... but if you want butter, make sure it's grass-fed and grass-finished! That type of butter contains CLA, a fat that burns fat!

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