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When to Break Your Healthy Eating Habits

Posted Jun 15 2011 8:18pm
Time to Eat Cake

Andy and Ioana Eat Cake

When is it ok to break your healthy eating habits? These days it seems that everyday is a day to celebrate and to out to eat:  friends coming into town­,  friends leaving town,  Flagday,  TGIF,  end of the semester­,  talk like a pirate day,  soccer games,  football games,  birthday parties—and they can add up if you’re a social animal. Just about any excuse is a call to indulge in food and drink,  but everyday can’t be a celebration. Overindulgence is toxic on the body.

Observing healthy eating habits is a practice like any other. It requires will and dedication but the efforts are absolutely worthwhile. And observing healthy eating habits doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself with your friends. Enjoy yourself while keeping true to what you value—your health and well-being. Distinguish the real celebrations from the mundane and enjoy a true celebration for what it is.

Carlos and Mireya at North Rim Grand Canyon

This past week-end I was invited to a wedding at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon,  in Arizona. We drove six and a half hours to the lodge where we’d stay for two nights. The place was breathtakingly beautiful! Our friends,  Andy Holycross and Ioana Hociata spend many week-ends up there and wanted to have their wedding at this fantastic place.


The exact location of the wedding was approximately 30 miles away from the lodge in the National Forest,  of which 13 miles was a dirt road that ends sat Marble Point View,  a bluff overlooking Marble Canyon,  a vast beautiful desert with no visible man-made obstructions. Think of John Ford movies.

Marble Canyon

Marble Canyon View at Lower Elevation

Jay and Carp

Jay,  Carp and Bruce,  friends of the groom,  did the cooking. They brought up fresh meats:  elk,  bison,  venison,  and cooked them on their home-welded bar-b-ques. I don’t know about the chicken but the meat was all natural,  hormone-free. They also prepared delicious potatoes cooked with onion,  apples and fresh mint;  cold jalapeno black beans;  and hot black beans. The bride’s Romanian family,  sister Julia,  and  mother,  Simone,  took charge of the appetizers and desserts. There was an incredible array of cheese,  sausage,  vegetables,  dips,  and homemade chicken dolmas. And the desserts included a variety of traditional Romanian delights.

Romainian Desserts

Romanian Desserts

This was a wedding! This was an event to breathe in,  celebrate,  dance,  eat,  drink,  eat some more,  and take joy in. This was an event that was special. It was a day to let your hair down and take pleasure in and have no regrets about it. Practice healthy eating habits daily to stay healthy,  happy,  and strong. Think about the events in your life,  and when a true occasion for celebration comes along,  enjoy it to the fullest and have no regrets about it. This is a day when it’s right to break your healthy eating habits.


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