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#WhataGrillWants are Smoked Ribs (Guest Post by The Professor)

Posted Jul 31 2014 12:20pm

Tuesday night, I looked over and realized that The Professor was not, in fact, returning family and work e-mails, but was instead blogging.

Oh how times have changed.

But, it IS about time to catch up on the OXO What a Grill Wants campaign, isn’t it? IMG_2776 (1024x683)

So without further ado: heeere’s Johnny The Professor! heresprofessor


Chapter 4: Silicone Basting Brush IMG_1228 - Copy (1024x683)

In my last column , I extolled the virtues of OXO’s awesome 16- inch grill tongs, which handled various meats, fishes, and vegetables with ease.  Well, they’re back, with their new friend the OXO Silicone Basting Brush ! IMG_2768 (1024x683)

This past Sunday, as Ms. Smart and I sought to make room in the freezer, we decided it was time to cook up that slab of ribs from <Redacted> Farms.
I could tell you where these tasty pigs are raised, but then I’d have to kill you. 
This was a nice rack, and for that, I used a mix of Salt Lick dry rub (one of the few things that is cheaper at Whole Foods than a normal grocery store), and an apple-flavored dry rub I found in desperation while on vacation in Whistler, BC a couple years back.  The latter is an excellent complement to most anything pork, and I like to use it on roasted pork loin too. IMG_2755 (1024x682)
I let the rubs sit for about two hours before starting the fire, and then used the basting brush to give the ribs a nice coat of olive oil all over. Ribs take time, and the oil helps keep them from drying out while on the smoker.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so my thoughts on the brush can be seen below.
Insert photo of sexy rib basting action here :) *
*Editor’s Note: OK! IMG_2762 (1024x682)
 Aside from keeping your ribs moist, the other key is to leave them alone. Focus on keeping a good fire (I used lump charcoal and oak logs), and back off the ribs.
If you’re lookin’, you ain’t cookin’. -A very wise pitmaster. ( )
There were also a couple sweet potatoes to roast, and just as before, the tongs did not disappoint.  They handled everything with ease.  The result: pure awesomeness. IMG_2774 (1024x683)
Sexy cooked ribs and pretty plated food shots here. *

IMG_2781 (1024x684)

*Editor’s Note: On it. IMG_2786 (1024x683)
 Stay tuned for the last two installments on the OXO What a Grill Wants Series:
The Meat Tenderizer: Pounding Food into Deliciousness - The Lost Grill Tool: Where’s My Burger Spatula? 
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