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What's the Story...

Posted Nov 21 2010 1:12am
...Morning Glory?
[ Source ]
Yes indeed-y,*I went to see Morning Glory last night with my roommate, who took a break from her crazy PhD life of qualifying exams and presentations for a quick trip to the Alamo Drafthouse on her birthday eve. [Happy Birthday!] Over beer (for her) and buttery popcorn (also for her....although I couldn't resist a few--or many---handfuls) we literally laughed out loud [perhaps at times obnoxiously so] at this movie. I definitely expected into be more of a romantic comedy than a workplace/relational comedy, and was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable it was. Even though you could say, "well, with a cast that great, it has to be good," but then we remember Valentine's Day and know that that is not always the case...[I still love you Jennifer Garner!]

*I kind of felt like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons
just then.

I won't go into more detail about my review of the film, as this is a food blog, not an entertainment one [although with the number of allusions to pop culture that permeates it, sometimes you might question that], but I will just finish by saying that the every time I reference the title of the movie I immediately think of the pivotal Oasis album that I loved (and kind of still do) in middle school and I start singing " Don't Look Back In Anger ."
Soooo, Sally can wait....she knows it's too late as we're walking on by....

I'm pretty sure the title of the movie is supposed to be a reference to "The Telephone Hour" from Bye Bye Birdie....
[ Source ]...since that song is about "news" (gossip) traveling....but you know, whatever. I think about Oasis. My soul sides away...'don't look back in anger' I heard you say...^

^ Yes, I did listen to the song on the entire time I was writing this post. And I rocked back and forth and closed my eyes at some points. And maybe sang along a little bit. Or a lot-a bit.

And now, we return to my pitiful attempt at a theme for the rest of this post.

My morning glory this (and every morning) is a big old mug of coffee! I love having my coffee on the weekends because rather than gulping it down in a travel mug on my commute to school, I get to have it in my fun coffee mug [or in this case, chalice] of choice. [I'm not saying that I don't still gulp it down...seriously, if there were a speed coffee drinking championship, I'm pretty sure I'd have that in the bag.] So funny that for the three years (maybe only two, I can't remember) that I worked in a coffee shop in high school I never really cared much for the stuff, but once I got to college and beyond, my morning (glory) coffee is sometimes my favorite time of the day...if only I'd known then how much I'd love it now. I could have saved a ton of money stocking up on beans with my employee discount.*

*Yes, I know the beans would not longer be good. I'm being facetious people.

Prior to my gym jaunt this (glorious) morning, I ate the other half of this sweet potato. And I'm not ashamed to say that I literally just ripped it in half and ate it cold from the fridge. In my hands. That's just how we do.
Goll, sweet potatoes are so pretty. Good thing I have plenty of them.
What's the story (with that), morning glory?
Well, when they are on sale for $0.16/lb. you better stock up.
All those cost $1.38.
How do you like them apples,* Matt Damon ([slash] Will Hunting)?
*Or in this case, sweet potatoes.
I also grabbed one of these glorious bites o' goodness Those would be the newest addition to the (S)ara(h)bar flavor collection.*

*Although, I made three different types yesterday, and technically these were the last ones, so saying they were the newest is kind of true and kind of not. They are, literally, the most recently I think we're good.

And yes, they have chocolate in them. And hazelnuts. And orange flavored dried cranberries.

Where did this inspiration come from, you ask? Perhaps I am mourning my glorious roommate's recent departure to do PhD fieldwork in Madagascar for two months, but I had this on the brain yesterday: If you recall, I hadn't ever eaten Nutella until I made Nutella Banana Bread a month or two ago, and the sudden obsession with eating it actually came from the Madagascar-bound roommate. Seeing her eat it with a spoon bonded me immediately to her (you know I don't waste time muddling up my nut butters with something like bread or oatmeal). The morning before she left, I woke up and, in a state of half-sleep, handed her a jar of Nutella as a (glorious) going-away present.

This got me thinking...and remembering....I already told y'all once about the surprising deliciousness of this Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbet when paired with dark chocolate chips.
[ Source ]Well, what I neglected to mention was that it also tastes amazing when you first dip your spoon into the Nutella jar, and then into the sorbet, and then munch away (slurp away?).

So I present...Orangella (S)ara(h)bars! [There are no actual oranges used in the making of these bars..but they looked cute posed with him, no?]
You take 1 cup of pitted dates and 1/2 cup hazelnuts (although I might add more next time)... You can't have something Nutella-spired without hazelnuts! And, well, obviously you'll need some chocolate, too. :) So, in with the dates and nuts, add about 1 1/2 Tbsp. of dark chocolate powder (technically, I should have used milk chocolate for a more Nutella -like experience, but I like dark chocolate...I'm planning on trying again with regular cocoa powder, though)...and 1/2 cup orange-flavored dried cranberries. Process away! Then form into bars, chunks, balls, etc. These are so delicious. They taste like dessert. Not so much like Nutella . (I think that's due to the dark chocolate and orange.) But whatever...I'm keeping the name. :)

And now, off to figure out breakfast #2, and perhaps cook around in the kitchen. [I say perhaps like it's even a question. But know that's what I do.] Maybe I'll use some of these morning glories?
OK, so no, they aren't morning glories. But I looked over this morning at the glory of the colorful squash and fruit on my table and it made me happy. So I say I can call it whatever I want.
But if you want morning glories...I'll give you morning glories... [ Source ]
Have a glorious Sunday!
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