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what kind of food do you eat to make you feel light and lose weight

Posted by too-lovely

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I eat mediterranean. It's a balanced and varied eating style, a natural way to stay fit and lose weight without sacrificing flavor. I'm italian and I was raised on mediterranean food, so I know from experience it's a good diet to me. It just makes me feel healthy, both physically and mentally, because it's low in calories but not in flavor... and it's amazing when you eat something that is light and tasty as well, isn't it? Key ingredients in my diet are bread, pasta, legumes and vegetables, olive oil, plenty of fish and a moderate amounts of animal origin products (I eat meat 2 or 3 times per week and choose white meats like chicken and turkey more than red meats, because they carry similar nutritional values but are less fatty). It's a balanced diet that guarantees the proper contributions of main nutrients like fiber and antioxidants, essential for body functioning, and it's also a valid ally – many researches show it - in preventing some of the most common diseases of the industrial world (heart diseases, cancer...), that's quite good as well.

So, mediterranean is MY DIET. What I like most is the way we mix different foods together in “all in one meals”, that are typical of italian cuisine. I love pasta, rice and also white meats with vegetables or legumes (zucchini, peas, beans, artichokes): that's the way I eat when I want to eat quick, easy, healthy and complete.

If you are interested in finding out more about mediterranean diet, its dietary principles and recipes, I suggest you have a look at this website, where you can also get a personalized mediterranean diet if you like:


It is free. You just need to sign up, give information about your weight, your lifestyle, your food preferences and you'll receive by email a free eating plan created specifically for you. There you can also find detailed guidelines for a healthy eating...I find them really useful for my daily dietary choices.


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