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What I love about Westins

Posted Nov 22 2013 9:30am

Hey guys! I am back to blogging from the comfort of my home :) Ahhhh. Traveling for work was a nice change of pace, but it sure is great to be home!

My last couple days in Dallas went really well- things got really busy at the American Heart Association meeting and I had to work a lot, but I wound up making two friends who do PR for organizations similar to mine, and on our last night in Dallas we went out for dinner and drinks. I’m so thankful that I met them! They are such nice women and I’m sure having connections with them will be helpful in the future.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you guys about the fabulous experience I had while staying at a Westin. Unfortunately the location of my Westin was not so fabulous (I was way out in the suburbs of North Dallas) but the hotel itself was great. I had never stayed in a Westin before (though coincidentally I did eat at one just last weekend) and I was really impressed with the chain and couldn’t get over all they had to offer.

First of all, Westin offered amazing workout opportunities.


Like most hotels, they had a well-equipped gym that was free to use. I had a great time working out there and loved that I could watch the sunset from the machines. There was plenty of room to spread out and do circuit workouts, which was great.




Although the gym was nice, it wasn’t that different from gyms I’ve seen at other hotels. The thing that really blew me away about Westin’s workout opportunities was what they had to offer for runners.

If you wanted to run outside, the front desk had maps marking off three- and five-mile running routes nearby. The maps came in full size and pocket size so you could take them with you when you headed out the door. I checked out the running map for my hotel, and the suggested routes showed me a park nearby that I never would have known about otherwise.

Another awesome feature is that you could do a “guided run” with someone from the hotel. If you wanted to participate in the guided run, which they call runWESTINTM, all you had to do was tell someone at the front desk the day before. Then the day of, you’d meet the running guide in the lobby and head out for a run! The running guide caters the route and pace to your liking, and provides his knowledge of the area.

This sounded like the coolest thing ever. I asked the concierge at my hotel if they offered this, but unfortunately he said that since it was a smaller Westin they didn’t have a guide available. Too bad. Still, I thought this was such a great option for people (like me) who didn’t really want to run by themselves in an unfamiliar city. What a great idea. Kudos to you, Westin.

Another great thing about my Westin was the room service breakfast options. In each guest’s room was a hanging breakfast menu where you could select what you wanted to eat and what time you wanted it to arrive. Then you hang it on your door before you go to sleep, and voila! breakfast arrives at your door whatever time you wanted it to come.


Since I was in a rush most mornings and didn’t have time to go down and eat breakfast at the restaurant, this was a great option for me. On two of my mornings in Dallas I selected to have breakfast delivered to me between 7:00 – 7:15 am. It always came right on time and was delicious!

I also loved that there were such healthy options on the menu :) One morning I got oatmeal with apples and pecans, and the other morning I had yogurt with tons of fruit. Awesome!


All the food I had at the Westin was delicious. I got room service twice and I could not have been happier with the food and service.


One night I ordered a chicken panini and side arugula salad…


And another night I got chicken tacos with the same arugula salad. They had a delicious pomegranate-soy dressing that I loved on the salad :) Yum. I need to learn how to recreate this dressing at home!


So those were the main things that I loved about my Westin, particularly the breakfast that comes when you want it, and the custom running maps for your hotel. The healthy food options were also great.

Here were some other little things that I loved about my hotel:

-Big comfy bed and pillows


-Outdoor pool (which I didn’t get to use- bummer)


-Nice hair dryer (yes!! I hate those crappy wall ones)


-Cozy bathrobe


So there you have it! Overall I was really pleased with my hotel and could not believe all the great things Westin had to offer. I will be looking for Westins when I book my travel from now on :)

Question of the day: What do you guys like in a hotel? Have you ever stayed in a Westin?

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