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What I love about fall

Posted Sep 25 2013 1:48pm

I’m not one of those people who can just wake up and all of a sudden be excited about fall. Spring? Yes! Summer? Definitely!! But fall to me always signifies darkness and the impending winter, so it has never been my favorite.

One good thing about fall though is that it’s my birthday! My birthday is actually this Friday (squee!!), and usually when my birthday comes around I resign myself into accepting that summer is officially over and fall has begun. Unlike going back to school (when sometimes it would still be 90 degrees), my birthday was always the true milestone of “fall” for me growing up. I guess now that my birthday is this week it’s time to move on. See ya’ later, summer!

It’s not all bad though; this year I am trying to welcome the colder season with open arms! That being said, here are a few of the things I’m excited for this fall!

Football Games


My entire family loves the Redskins (we have lived in this area for a couple generations) and there is nothing better than going over to my dad’s house on a Sunday afternoon for the Redskins game and some homemade chili. *Cough – even if they always lose – cough*

Pumpkin Spice Lattes 


I have yet to enjoy one of these delicious drinks this year, but I’m thinking this week might be the perfect time. It’s been pretty chilly out lately, so I may go grab one of these later today to warm me up. Yum!!

Fall Produce


Whenever fall comes around I find myself craving fall produce and eating a lot more hearty squash. I’ve been eating a ton of spaghetti squash lately (no surprise there) but I also really want to buy some butternut squash next time I go grocery shopping. Then of course there are the delicious apples and apple cider. My favorite way to have apple cider is heated up with a bit of cinnamon. So good!

Homecoming Football Game HCmetro

Fall also means that it’s time for my college homecoming , which is always a great excuse to see all of my best friends from school. I’m not sure who will be coming down this year for the big game, but it should be fun regardless! I love homecoming :) Go Terps! HClot11


Awesome Foliage leavescollage

(Sorry this picture is so small! Not sure what happened to the originals)

My neighborhood has some pretty epic trees (it’s an older neighborhood) and last year I absolutely loved walking Jack in the morning and enjoying all the beautiful leaves. They are so pretty!

Fall Accessories leaves

I broke out these cute red moccasins again last week after not having worn them since last fall. They are so fun and I always get a ton of compliments on them :) I have also been wearing some fall scarves and more reds, oranges, browns, and tans lately. I’m all about the fall-colored wardrobe and accessories.

Fall Food fallsupplies

Pumpkin and candy corn!! ‘Nuf said.

Last year I made a few tasty fall treats including these candy corn cookies ….



and these pumpkin scones (omg these are so good).



The cold weather also makes me crave things like warm soups and comforting roasted chicken and veggies.

Last fall I made this light cheddar tomato soup CheddarTomatoSoup

…and roasted my first chicken !


I also made this pumpkin pasta  with rosemary which I definitely have to make again soon. YUM!


I’m usually pretty lazy about cooking/baking new recipes in the summer, but now that it’s fall I plan to share recipes with you guys more often. Please let me know if you have any requests!

Pumpkin Picking!

Having a younger sister who still gets SUPER excited about things like Halloween is so much fun! Last year we were able to go to a local farm and pick pumpkins together :)


I can’t believe how much bigger she is this year!! pumpkinpatch2

Last year I carved a pumpkin to look like Jack, and Fabio did a regular Jack-o-lantern. Either way we both had some Jack inspiration in our pumpkins haha. ;) pumpkinafter

Trips to New York

Last fall we visited my aunt in New York for Thanksgiving (which, admittedly is at the end of fall) which was so, so fun. There is just something so great about being in the city when it’s a bit chilly out and you have to bundle up and stop somewhere for hot chocolate. I really hope we get to go up and visit her again this fall (along with the 101 other friends I have living in the city).


Ahh ok, so now I can say I’m actually excited for fall. Going back to take a look at all of my favorite fall memories from last year has been really fun! Bring on the cold weather!

Question of the day: What’s your favorite season?

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