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What I Ate Wednesday (or.. Tuesday ;)

Posted Apr 27 2011 12:00am

HEY everyone!! this post is going to be a little short and sweet since I already had a  post from this morning!

P.S! I’ve been getting a lot of first time comments from readers and am LOVING THEM- if you are a reader and have never left a comment, I would LOVE To hear from you!!! But if you don’t want to that’s aiight too- Thank you for reading my blog!


I’m hopping on to join What I ate Wednesday!

Today started out with a nanner and pb + two slices of Nimble WW bread with a little smear of apricot jam! (this Nimble bread is new to me and I really love it- the slices are smaller than normal bread- about 1/2 the size of a regular slice- so they aren’t too filling and they’re nice and light!)

I then did another weights workout- this time focusing on my armsters!

Pushups 2 x15

Incline Dumbbell Press 3×15

Dumbbell flies 3×12

Seated barbell military press 3×12

Side lateral raise 3×15

Bench dips 3×15

Reverse Crunch 3×15

Pike crunches (one foot only- I have a very weak back) x a lot.. I was watching tv… got distracted!

I then took my pup on a walk and when I got back I dug into some lunch:

Carrot and Coriander soup with nooch and added kale and pickle + 2 slices Nimble WW bread and a carrot– Ima turnin orange soon!

for something sweet I had an apple + an Emma’s truffle and a medjool date with dark chocolate dreams..

Outfit of the dayyyyyyyy…..

I headed to class to take a test- EW

and afterwords I had to work at my little job for an after school class.. I snacked on this Tunch bar while there! These babies are good- but so small! smaller than Larabars!!!! GASP

For dinner afterwards– I made me a bowl of oats with all the fixins!

verdict: EW again! WTF is going on with me and oats!!!

1/2 cup oat bran, scoop sun warrior vanilla, water, peanut butter, jam, 1 square dark chocolate

THEN I got my baking itch on…. I flipped through all my bookmarked recipes and knew exactly which one I wanted to try out!

Elise’s Pumpkin Banana BREAD!!   The only changes I made were that I used 1/2 spelt flour, 1/2 WW, xylitol instead of the NuNaturals blend and groundnut oil instead of coconut oil (as I don’t have either of those things!)

I CANNOT wait to try it tomorrow morning with my breakfast!! I’ll let you guys know how it tastes :D

EDIT:: I JUST ATE THIS WITH MY BREAKFAST (you’ll see tomorrow ;) and ITS SO GOOD go make it now! Dense and moist galore!

I then watched some tv in the form of Hellcats– surprisingly, I quite like the show! Normally I find MTV dramas to be a bit.. cheesy! but this one is aiight! any fans?

Afterwards, I ate my usual bedtime snack!

DELICIOUS as always!

Alright- well that was my TUESDAY guys! hope yours was FAB too :)

Questions of the Day:

Do you like dates?

What’s the last thing you baked? or cooked?

P.S I’m going to post Round V of my Eating Disorder Q+A soon.. if you have any questions you want to be featured ask here! I may answer via Formspring directly or on my Q+A post!

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