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What I Ate Wednesday #42

Posted Dec 12 2012 6:23am


Happy Holidays and WIAW!

santa 2012

Hello, and welcome to What I Ate Wednesday 42.  Today was a very busy day.  In and out all day, painting a room in between, plus, my range was being repaired. Naturally, when repairing it, the entire stove and oven was taken apart.  I was so nervous, my range is my baby.  It is only two years old, but it was having a thermostat issue.  It took from lunch to past dinner to repair.  Not so convenient for WIAW, but, I do have a few meals to share.


Breakfast was planned to keep us full for awhile.  A tofu “egg” sandwich always does the trick.

tofu egg on rye

Toasted rye bread, tofu “egg” and Daiya cheese.

tofu egg on rye upclose

Doesn’t it even look like an egg!


P1080561 P1080564

Mya enjoyed her sandwich.  Can you see Prince scoping it out in the background?

I knew cooking in the afternoon was not going to be an option, so I made a pot of Chickenless Pastina Soup.


While the soup cooked, Xander enjoyed the view of squirrels through the window.

P1080572 P1080574
P1080575 P1080580

This is Andy’s favorite soup. It was packed with fresh veggies, carrots, celery, onions, and spinach.  It has some whole wheat pastina and tons of herbs and spices.  Fennel seeds are a favorite of mine to add to soups.  When Mya came home from school she had a steaming bowl waiting for her.  As she was devouring it, she asked me if I put fennel in the soup.  I said yes, and I could not believe she recognized it.  She said, we grew it in our garden and she remember the smell and taste.  I was pretty impressed.  I don’t think a lot of nine year olds would recognize fennel seeds as and ingredient.  She enjoyed the bowl to the last drop. 



The stove was still being repaired at dinner, so the options were slim.  The whole kitchen had stove parts scoured about.  The options I proposed were, soup, oatmeal, or cereal.  I was limited by my need for groceries, so salads and sandwiches were not an option. 

Andy and I opted for more soup! Mya had a few bowls of cereal.



An after dinner but before bed snack was deemed necessary. I had a beautiful, ripe and juicy pomegranate just begging to be eaten.

It must be all those potent antioxidants in the pomegranate that just make me feel good after eating it.  It is a subtle energy that makes me just feel healthy!

Sorry, no great inspiring desserts today.  Maybe later this week.  I hope you enjoyed the few meals I could share on this WIAW!

Here is a clue to what will come later in the week…


Have a great Wednesday!


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