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What are some healthy things I can make when I go camping?

Posted by Jane A.

I camp a lot and most of the things we make are beans and meats and such -- not too healthy.
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Kabobs!. Normally when you go camping you dont want to bring too much stuff, so you want something easy. If you make a kabob you can personalize it any way you want. Pack some lean chicken and lots of vegetables -- that way each person can have as much meat or veggies as they want. For you, you should lean more towards to the veggies if you want a healthy meal, and have a smaller portion of the chicken. For dessert, I would reccommend some fruit (apple slices with peanut butter) or something that is easy to transport and will not spoil. Also, for your kabobs, you should use a low sodium marinade or some seasoning. But be careful, check the ingredients on your seasoning--some contain a lot of MSG's and fats! You wouldnt know it, but they do. Hope that helps!
Marinated Chicken. I love to bring chicken in teriyaki and grill it. Just marinate in a Ziploc and toss afterward. I also heard a good trick recently of freezing a gallon of milk - it'll thaw slowly in the cooler for longer camping trips. Also - the pre-made bags of salad can introduce some roughage into a heavy outdoors menu. Stock up on plenty of fresh fruit and cut up veggies to snack on instead of the requisite junk munchies!
Lose the s'mores!. Take this special time in the outdoors to treat it like a ?roughing-it? spa. Too often, campers use the occasion as an excuse to indulge in the most preserved, salty, sugary junk. I mean, if you don't like s?mores or beefy jerky at home, don't eat it on the road. Many camp sites are near farms or farmers? markets? try grilling up some peaches or tomatoes over an open fire. Sometimes, the weather has not cooperated with having a fire, so you will want some ready to eat, healthy lifesavers. We always take those individual foil packs of tuna and salmon. They don't require draining, can openers or refrigeration. They are a nice, lean source of protein. Also, consider nuts, veggie chips, peanut butter and Graham crackers, Parmelat tomato juice boxes.

Roast veggies and meats on skewers. You can do this with sweet potatos too which taste amazing with almond butter or hummus. The protective outer shell of citrus fruits make them an ideal packed or "on-the-go" fruit. Plus you can peel and eat without needing any cutlery. I throw a grapefruit in my gymbag everyday - it survives what no apple or banana could.

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