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Wedding Talk Wednesday: Wedding Guest Favors!…

Posted Mar 07 2012 7:28am

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday!  My favorite day of the week blog wise.  I love doing Wedding Talk Wednesday.  So far I’ve been going pretty strong finding wedding related things to talk about.  I’m hoping I can continue this up until the Wednesday before our wedding.  I still have quite a few Wednesdays to go but I’m sure I can do it.  It’s hard because I don’t want to show every single thing  I am doing or putting out for our wedding because I’m not sure who is reading this.  I don’t want guests or anyone to know what I have planned.  You can be sure though, that I will share every last detail when our wedding is over.

Before I get to today’s Wedding post, let’s go back to yesterday.  So I actually did end up having my review with my supervisor yesterday.  It went really great!  I’m so happy about that.  I figured that it would because I take great pride in my work and really work as hard as I possibly can to do a good job.  I am a dedicated employee.  The cool thing about my supervisor is that him and I were friends well before he became my supervisor.  We used to sit next each other and talk all the time. So we have a good friendship.  I actually sent him and his girlfriend a Save the Date to our wedding.  I wasn’t positive that he was actually going to go but yesterday he said it’s been hanging up on their fridge and he can’t wait to go!  That makes me happy!  I’m glad he will be able to share that special day with us.  The only bad thing is that I have quite a few people from my team coming to our wedding.  So I have a feeling that day, barely anyone will be at work.  Whoops!

Since I had the same exact dinner that I ate on Monday night, last night, I figure I’ll spare you the pictures.  It was nothing exciting.  I’d rather spend my time talking about Wedding Talk Wednesday!  First, some wedding updates.  I received our guestbook in the mail and for some reason in one of the pictures there is some writing on my face.  I’m pretty upset about it.  So I’m hoping that the company will replace the book for free.  The rest of the book came out incredible.  It’s just the one picture.  I’m waiting to hear back from them.  I want it to look perfect because this is something that our guests will be signing among looking through the pages to see pictures.  I want it to be perfect and not have writing on part of my face.  I also got a few other things in the mail which I cannot talk about because it will give away too many details.  So you’ll have to wait for that.  ;)   I’m waiting for chair cover samples to arrive at my house.  I’m thinking they will probably arrive within the next day or so.  Then I need to go to our venue to try them on the chairs so I know which size to order.

Everything is slowly coming together really nicely.  I’m glad.  We still have some fashion things to sort out like bridesmaids getting their dresses, my mom getting her dress, and me getting dresses for other wedding festivities.  We are planning on getting our passport on Saturday and then hopefully booking our honeymoon.  Then we need to book our rehearsal dinner and I’m in the process of figuring out room blocks for our wedding.  So things are slowly but surely all coming together.  I’m glad.

Today I wanted to talk about Wedding Guest Favors!  I’m not going to give away what we are doing because it’s a surprise of course.  I did find a great article and list of Wedding Guest Favors on Wedding Channel ‘s website.

Top 10 Favors Wedding Guests Will Take Home

1.) A Gift That Can Grow – More and more couples are turning Eco-friendly and providing their guests with seeds to plant flowers or trees to remember their special day.

2.) Donations - Lately, their has been a rise in couples donating to one of their favorite foundations or causes.  You can add a line to the menu card or create a separate card to let your guests know about your donation to a charity in their name.

3.) Sweet Like Honey – I personally have never heard of this favor before but it does sound unique.  It is a honeycomb candle that comes prepackaged in a small wooden box.  They are made from sustainable materials.

4.) Tea – If you and your future hubby drink tea or coffee, personalized coffee or tea bags would make for a cute favor.

5.) Lavender – This is another favor that I have never heard of and I’m not so sure about it.  It is more of a scented pouch that you can put in drawers, the bathroom, etc.  I feel like this is more for women and should be at a Bridal Shower and not used a Wedding favor but that is just my personal opinion.

6.) Fortune Cookies – These could be served at the end of dinner or placed into a box or bag that guests can take home with them.

7.) Sweet Treats – Any type of treat will do.  It’s all about customizing the packaging the guests take the favor home in.  Plus, anything your guests can munch on at the end of the night is always a positive thing.

8.) Disposable Camera – Give your guests a disposable camera for them to keep so that they can either take pictures throughout the night or just keep it for themselves.  You could even pair the camera with a mini photo album for them to put the pictures that they take in.

9.) Locally Grown – I think this idea would be super expensive.  You could box up some locally grown fruit that is in season.  Put it in a wooden box that is small enough for guests to carry and decorate it whichever way you choose.

10.) Paper Cones – You can either print these yourselves for personalize each individual one for your guests.  These can be filled with M&M’s in your wedding colors and then topped with fake flower petals to give the illusion of a flower bouquet.

So what do you think about these wedding favors?  Do you like any?  Which favor would you give your guests?  If you are married, what did you give your guests as a favor?

Some of these I really don’t like.  For example the locally grown fruit, the lavender sachet and the paper cone.  I feel like something practical makes for a great favor.  I like the idea of donations, something guests can take home and eat or eat on the way home, something they can drink or plant.  I think those are all great ideas.  You don’t want to waste time and money-making a favor that your guests will ultimately throw away.

So that concludes another Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Have a great day!

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