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Wedding Talk Wednesday: Honeymoon Dresses & Rose Petals…

Posted Apr 25 2012 6:59am

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday to you!  This week is flying by.  I think it’s because I worked a half-day on Friday and then I had off on Monday.  So this is a shortened week for me.  I am definitely not complaining!  What is up with this weather though?  It’s been freezing the past couple of days.  I actually walked out of the house to some frost on my windshield.  I’m glad I wore a sweater today too because it’s really cold in my office.  The other day I was going through my closet which I still need to completely go through because it’s a mess.  I ended up finding some sweaters that I completely forgot about!  I was glad that I was able to wear one of them today.  It’s crazy how one day it’s in the 80′s and then it drops to the 50′s.  I don’t get it at all.  It’s supposed to be chilly the rest of the week and then go down to the 40′s over the weekend.  Brr!!  I want spring back!  Bring it back!

So yesterday when I left work, I kept thinking about eating a rotisserie chicken for dinner.  The only problem was that we forgot to pick up one up from the supermarket on Sunday.  So I stopped in the store on my way home and picked one up.  I find that it’s very gentle on my stomach and I like the fact that the chicken is so tender and juicy.  I actually prefer the rotisserie chicken from Boston Market but I don’t think you can just buy the chicken.  I think you have to buy a meal so that was out of the question.  I decided to try roasting some vegetables last night to see how my stomach would react.  I also made Alexia Sweet Potato Puffs and Pillsbury Biscuits.  At first I didn’t like the sweet potato puffs but now they are growing on me.  I think I really like them.  They taste good dipped in ketchup.  What is your favorite way to have a potato?  I like baked potatoes, fries (specifically steak fries from Red Robin), sweet potato fries, potato puffs and home fries.  Can you tell I like potatoes?! ;)

My dinner plate


Enough about dinner!  Let’s get to the main point of my post today!  It’s Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Today I am going to discuss some dresses that I have picked up to wear on our honeymoon or just anytime this summer.  I am also going to show rose petals that I picked up.

I’ll start with the rose petals.  For our ceremony, we are having an aisle runner which I am having custom-made with our monogram on it.  We wanted rose petals to cover the entire aisle on either side of the aisle runner.  I didn’t want real rose petals to bleed onto the aisle runner so that we wouldn’t be able to keep it after our wedding.  I would like to frame the aisle runner so that our monogram shows and hang it up in our home.  So fresh rose petals were out of the picture.  I knew that we wanted purple and pink petals.  I searched online and they were rather expensive.  I actually started browsing Ebay.  I found 1,000 rose petals of purple and pink for much cheaper than anywhere else! It was a huge bargain and saving.  I made sure to check the ratings and reviews for the person who I was buying the petals from.  They were sent to me from China and actually arrived pretty quickly.

I am the proud owner of 2,000 rose petals for our ceremony.  The colors are exactly what I wanted.  I am very happy about that!

Rose Petals for our ceremony


They are going to look amazing next to all of the floral arrangements and the rest of the ceremony decor.  I cannot wait!

I’ve been searching for various clothes to wear while we are on our honeymoon .  It’s been hard because I don’t know what I want to wear.  I know I need to get dressed up at night.  So some nights I was thinking of wearing dresses.  Other nights I was thinking of wearing a cute tank, with shorts and heels.  The hardest part of finding clothes right now, is bathing suits!  I am so picky!  I tried on several at Target and hated them.  I am trying not to order online from Victoria’s Secret because I really need to try them on.  I’m also trying to not spend a fortune on them because I need at least 3 or 4 bathing suits.  If you have any ideas of where I can find cute ones for not that much money, please let me know.

I’m first going to show you the dress that I bought from Kohl’s the other night.  I think it’s cute and I love the belt that came with it.

Dress I got from Kohl's for $12! Thank you 30% off coupon.


The next dress is the one that I bought from JC Penney last week.  This dress was only $15!

Dress from JC Penney


The last dress is one that I have posted a picture of.  I am planning on wearing this dress to our rehearsal dinner.  I got it from David’s Bridal.

My rehearsal dinner dress


Looking at the pictures of these dresses make realize I guess I love the one shoulder look?  Haha.  I didn’t realize that all of them were one shoulder dresses.  I think I might need to bring a variety of some other dresses too.  I’m just on the search for anything and everything I can find.  I need to tear my closet apart because I know I have some clothes that I just can’t find.  I know I have a cute pair of black shorts that would look super cute with a tank and my Badgley Mischka shoes .  I just need to find them!  If you have any outfit ideas or places where I can find cute clothes for cheap, please let me know.  I’m all ears.  :)

Well that concludes this edition of Wedding Talk Wednesday!  I hope you enjoyed.

Have a great day!

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