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Wedding Talk Wednesday: Bridal Hair & Makeup…

Posted Oct 26 2011 5:37am

Good Morning!  Happy Wednesday!  My favorite day of the week on the blog!  I love talking about different aspects of weddings.  It’s fun to see what other people’s opinions are and to come up with ideas that I didn’t think of before. I also like the idea of helping others make decisions about their weddings too.

Anyway, first let’s get back to where I left off last night.  After blogging, I decided to head home and get started on dinner.  Mike and I ended up getting home at the same time.  I was happy about that because we were able to prepare dinner together.  I really enjoying cooking dinner with him.  It’s relaxing.

For dinner we decided to have one of our new favorites, Bertolli’s Meal Soups .  The first time we tried Tomato Florentine & Tortellini with Chicken.  This time we decided to have Chicken Minestrone.

Bertolli Meal Soup Chicken Minestrone

Chicken Minestrone Description

This is what the contents of the bag look like

Just add a cup of water...and cook..

Roasted Veggies and Garlic Toast on the side

My bowl of Chicken Minestrone

Yummy soup..

I have to say that I am still a big fan of the Bertolli Meal soups!  They are just so good.  They really taste homemade.  You would have no idea that they came frozen in a bag.  I really liked the Chicken Minestrone but I think I liked the other variety of soup a little better.  I just love these so much.  I think it was clever of Bertolli to come out with this product.  They are pretty pricy but if you wait until they are on sale and print out a coupon, it makes for a great deal.  It is also plenty to serve 2 people, possibly 3 depending on how hungry the people are.

But let’s move on to the real reason of today!  Wedding Talk Wednesday for this week is addressing Bridal Hair and Makeup.  These two things are two of the most important things on the day of your wedding.  If you don’t like how your hair and makeup look then it could ruin the entire day for you.  You want to be comfortable on the day of your wedding.

It is really important to pick a good makeup artist and hair stylist in order for you to feel comfortable.  Make sure that you do some research.  Definitely check out reviews and go meet with them and even go in for a trial run.  Ask to see their portfolio.  For myself, I absolutely fell in love with the makeup artist that did my friend Courtney’s makeup and all of the bridesmaids including my makeup for her wedding.  She is super talented and does airbrush foundation which I love.  I am very picky with my makeup especially my eye makeup and she is phenomenal.  Once we booked our wedding venue and date, the first vendor I booked was her.  I am definitely excited.

I also have my hairstylist.  I am going with my hairstylist, Faith.  I trust her and I absolutely love her work.  She is becoming a friend to me as well.  Plus, she is super excited for my wedding.  I have never seen her do any special occasion hair so I’m a little nervous in that aspect but I’m sure she does amazing work.  I am going to have trial runs with her as well as the makeup artist so that things go smoothly on the day of my wedding.  I will be sure to post about my trials.

Let’s talk about styles.  Personally, I think I might be doing a half-up style.  My favorite hairstyle is Tiffani Amber Thissen’s hairstyle for her wedding.  I have styled my hair like this many times and it’s my favorite.

I like how her veil is positioned too.

I think Carrie Underwood’s hair in this picture is really pretty as well.

I don’t know if I would want my hair up like that on my wedding day but I definitely think it’s worth a shot to see what it looks like.

I like how Carmen Electra’s hair looks from the front in this picture.

Another beautiful hairstyle, similar to the rest of the above.

I love Eva Longoria’s hair in this picture too.  I might try this in my trial but I can’t see myself wearing it like this on my wedding day.  Fun fact, everyone says I look like Eva Longoria when I’m sprayed tanned and have my hair and makeup professionally done.  I definitely looked like her at my friend, Courtney’s Wedding.

Us at Courtney's wedding

That is the Tiffani Amber Thissen hairstyle I’m talking about, although I wasn’t a fan of how that hairstyle did my hair that day.  I like the curls to be more defined and for my hair to be more full.  Do you like any of these hairstyles?  How do you want to wear your hair on your wedding day?  If you are married, how did you wear your hair?

Let’s talk about makeup.  I am a big smoky eye fan.  So I’m thinking I will probably have a smoky eye on my wedding day with maybe a touch of purple so that I match the colors and the bridesmaids.

An example, but a bit too purple for my wedding day..

The eyes are beautiful smoky eyes.  I would definitely want brighter cheeks and glossy but somewhat bright lips.  I like really glossy lips with smoky eyes.

My makeup package comes with free eyelashes for the bride.  I’ve never had false eyelashes before so I think I will try them during the trial to see if I like them.

An example of smoky eyes with false eyelashes

I think this look is beautiful but I have pretty full eyelashes to begin with so I will just have to see what I like during my trial.  What is your opinion of wedding day makeup?  What do you want for your makeup?  What is your opinion of false eyelashes?

Well that is this Wednesday’s edition of Wedding Talk.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Have a great Wednesday!  :)

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