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Wedding Talk Wednesday: Alice In Wonderland Themed Work Bridal Shower!…

Posted Jun 27 2012 6:57am

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday to you!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  My week has been really hectic and I haven’t been feeling all that great with my stomach this week.  I think it’s a combination of stress and my illness.  GR!  I wait for the day that I feel good again.  I hope that comes back soon!  So after today, I have 7 Wednesdays left until our wedding!  That is absolutely crazy to me.  We are getting down to the wire here and I still have a decent amount of work to do.  I have chipped away a ton of things from my to-do list.  I still have some things to get to this weekend.  I’m thankful that we accomplished so much last weekend.  Every weekend, I am trying to get done as much as possible.  I’m hoping to take off random days from work next month because I have way too much vacation/sick time that I am going to stop accruing it.  So I could use some days off to focus on myself and on our wedding.  I think mental health days are important.

Yesterday after work, Melissa and I went to meet the seamstress that I hired to do the alterations for both of our weddings.  My friend/bridesmaid, Courtney and her mom actually used her for Courtney’s wedding.  She told me that she is very reasonable and is excellent at what she does.  I was excited to see her.  She was really nice to both of us and really pinned everything perfectly.  I was so happy to see how my dress looked when it was pinned to my body.  It took my breath away.  The bustle that is going to do with the dress is stunning!  It pulls everything together.  I truly feel like I’m in a fairytale when I put on that dress and that is exact vibe I am going for.  I love it!  I just hope the girls will be able to figure out the bustle.  I have no clue what to do and it’s not like I can reach it anyway.  She said she is going to color code everything so I’m sure the girls will be able to figure it out.  I’m counting on Kristen to do it because she has been in so many of her sister’s weddings that I’m sure she is a pro.  Haha!

Melissa and I spent the rest of the evening running some errands and visiting our mom at her part-time job.  I haven’t seen much of my mom lately because she has been working like crazy.  I miss her and I’m hoping to catch up this weekend.

I mentioned last week that my bridesmaids/co-worker, Tarra and Krystal and Melissa, and my friend Regina, all got together with my team and planned me an Alice in Wonderland themed Bridal Shower.  I absolutely love the concept of Alice and Wonderland.  I am a huge Disney fan as all of you know so it fit perfectly!  They did an incredible job!  Everything fit perfectly with the theme.  I was super surprised.  It figures the one day that I look like crap with my hair in a ponytail, barely any make up on, they decide to throw me a surprise shower.  It’s okay though.  It was worth it.  So I apologize for my appearance in these pictures and if you see white spots, I have blurred out information pertaining to my job to protect myself and my friends.

Eat me cookies and purple everything! My favorite color! :)


Clocks and tea cups, and flowers that my mom and Melissa painted with red on them! So cute!


Flowers made out of paper which are now currently outlining my cubical!


More table shots


Tea cups! Drink me!


I absolutely LOVE these signs! I really like the one that says “We are all mad here” Too cute!


My shocked face! Please excuse my appearance. I was a mess!


2 of my bridesmaids/co-workers, Tarra, and Krystal, and my Maid of Honor, Melissa and I! Love these girls so much! <3


My co-workers really did a great job and made me feel so blessed to have them as my co-workers and friends.  Working with people who you love and have become close with making going to work everyday a pleasure.  Everyone expressed how much they care about me and everything. It really made me feel special and appreciated.  I was so thankful by how much everyone did for me.  It really made me feel great.

What kind of bridal shower did you have if you are married?  Is there a particular type of bridal shower that you would like to have?

That concludes another Wedding Talk Wednesday.  Have a lovely day!

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