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Wedding Talk Wednesday: 20 Details Every Bride Forgets…

Posted Feb 29 2012 7:16am

Hi!  Happy Wednesday!  More importantly, Happy Wedding Talk Wednesday!  I hope you are having a good week so far.  We’ve approached the middle of the week.  Oh, and Happy Leap Year!  Almost forgot about that!  It’s weird having 29 days in February.  I’m glad that we are approaching March though.  I have lots of wedding things to accomplish next month.  It’s also Oliver’s Birthday, St. Patrick’s Day, our one year Engagement Anniversary and my birthday!  Lots of things to celebrate next month as well as a lot of things to get done next month.  I think it’s going to be quite busy for me!

So yesterday like I mentioned was National Pancake Day.  To celebrate this, iHop was offering a free short-stack of pancakes.  So Mike decided that he was going to the gym after work like how he normally does and when he was done and on his way home, he would call me and I would meet him at iHop.  So I thought that was a good idea.  It gave me a couple of hours to relax at home before meeting him.  So we decided to meet at 7pm.  Mike calls me and was like don’t even bother driving into the lot.  I said why?  Before, I knew it, I was approaching the building.  It was literally a mob scene!  The entire parking lot was packed. There was not one space open.  The entire lobby of the restaurant was packed and people were lining up outside the door!  Are you kidding me?  It was late already and I didn’t feel like eating dinner at 8 or 9pm.  So sadly, we didn’t get our pancakes.

Since I drove all the way to the restaurant, we decided to just eat something relatively cheap out.  So we decided on the Ground Round again.  This time I stayed away from the popcorn!  I learned my lesson the last time we were there.  I decided to get a plain turkey wrap and I really wanted fries.  So I ordered them.  Halfway through the sandwich I looked and noticed shredded cheese.  Now it didn’t list it in the menu at all and I am lactose intolerant and did not take my pills!!  UGH!  Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling good the rest of the night at all.  I’m usually really good at inspecting my food.  I don’t know how I missed it.  It’s so frustrating!

Enough about the food mishaps, let’s talk about Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Like I mentioned earlier, I’m planning on trying to get a ton of things accomplished this month.  I need to make sure all of the bridesmaids and my mom have their dresses ordered for our wedding.  I also need a dress for my Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party and Rehearsal Dinner.  I still need shoes for my wedding dress and a strapless bra which I really need to get on asap!  I need to schedule my first wedding gown fitting for April.  So that gives me a month to find shoes and a really good strapless bra!  Those are just a sample of the many things that I need to accomplish by the end of March.  I’m feeling good though about where I am with everything.  I know what I need to get done and I will make sure it will be done in time.  I’m good about that.

I came across an article that I thought was interesting and would be great to share for Wedding Talk Wednesday on Wedding Channel

20 Details Every Bride Forgets from Wedding Channel

1.) Bringing a pretty hanger for your wedding gown.  It’s something that is not necessary but it makes for a beautiful picture before you put on your wedding gown.  I am definitely doing this.

every bride forgets

2.) Telling family about Reserved Seating.  Make sure everyone is clear about where they are sitting during the wedding rehearsal.

3.) Packing your Cell Phone Charger.  Your phone will most likely be ringing off the hook dealing with last-minute details or guests.  Make sure you have your charger handy and someone in charge of answering it.

4.) Packing a Wedding Night Bag.  Put together an overnight bag with anything you need for the next morning.  Ask a bridesmaid to drop it off for you at your wedding night room.

5.) Changing Your Name.  If you are changing your last name to your fiance’s then you need to replace everything with your maiden name on it.  Check online to see what you need to bring with you to your local Social Security Office and Department of Transportation Office.

6.) Bringing Extra Cash.  You  want to have extra cash on hand including singles so you have enough money to tip your vendors.

7.) Getting international travel documents.  If you are planning on traveling out of the country, even to Canada you are required to have a passport.  It can take up to six weeks to get one.

8.) Writing your thank-you speech.  It’s not required but it is nice for the bride and groom to thank parents, bridal party members, and anyone else who has supported them through their wedding planning journey.

9.) Assigning someone to collect your gifts.  Make sure to designate someone to take care of handling your gifts until you get back from your honeymoon or just until the end of the evening.

10.) Arranging day-of-transportation.  Make sure that someone is available to drive you to your appointments and to the venue on the day of the wedding.

11.) Having someone pick up your dress.  If you are planning on changing into a “going away” outfit or just want to change out of your wedding gown, make sure someone is available to pick up the dress and hang it up for you.

12.) Packing an emergency day-of kit.  Put together a kit with bobby pins, a sewing kit, safety pins, clear nail polish, extra pantyhose (if you are wearing it), bandages, aspirin, antacids, tissues, and anything else you might need.

13.) Eating dinner (and cake!).  Put someone in charge of making sure that both of you get to enjoy the food and cake that you selected.  It’s your day and you deserve to enjoy your hard work.

14.) Feeding your bridal party.  Your bridesmaids are going to be just as busy as you, the day of, make sure you have set aside time to enjoy lunch or snacks.

15.) Making a “Just Married” sign.  A Just Married sign for the car is a classic tradition.

16.) Giving gifts to your bridal party.   Show them how much you appreciate them and give a gift to each attendant.

17.) Bringing your Cake Cutter & Toasting Flutes.  Since cutting the cake is a huge photo opt, you want to make sure that you have something special to cut the cake with and to make your first toasts with.

18.) Make sure to have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.  Be sure to figure this out in advance so that you are not rushing around the day of the wedding trying to figure out what you are going to use.

19.) Creating an itinerary.  Just because you know the schedule of the entire wedding, doesn’t mean that everyone else does.  Be sure to tell relatives where they need to be especially if you are taking pictures after the ceremony and before the cocktail hour.

20.) Enjoy the day!  The day is going to go faster than you believe, so take a deep breath and take everything in and enjoy all of the months and months worth of planning that you have done. 

I think a lot of these are really great and sometimes they are details that brides forget.  It’s good to have a list so you can just check things off as you accomplish them.  That is what I do.  Let me tell you, the feeling of crossing something off the list is empowering!  It doesn’t matter how big or small, just to cross something off is an accomplishment in itself!

Married ladies: did you forget anything on the day of your wedding or did everything go smoothly as planned?  Anything you would add to this list? 

Unmarried ladies: Do you agree with everything on this list?  Is there anything that you might add or take away?

That concludes another Wedding Talk Wednesday!  Enjoy your day!

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