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Wedding Talk: Flowers…

Posted Sep 22 2011 7:31am

Good Morning!  Happy Thursday!  Yes, I know today is Thursday and I said I was going to do Wedding Talk Wednesdays.  Well yesterday was Wednesday and I completely forgot to do a wedding post, which is why I am going to do it today.  Hopefully, I will remember next week.  I think it’s because everyday has felt like a different day then it is.  For me, today feels like Friday for some reason.  I wish it was!  ;)

Did you catch the X-Factor last night? I was disappointed actually.  I thought the show was boring.  I didn’t see anyone that was spectacular.  I don’t know if I am going to be watching it.  I definitely won’t tonight because Grey’s Anatomy comes back and I would much rather watch that.  What did you think?

For dinner last night, we had the Ratatoutille that I made the other night but we added some Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage to it.  It went well in adding some sweet flavor to the dish.

My dinner plate with some extra roasted veggies

Yummy Chicken Sausage

I think I’m going to make another new dish tonight for dinner.  I’m hoping it comes out well.  I’m pretty excited about it!  It’s a recipe that I first saw on tv!

Moving along, let’s get to Wedding Talk, shall we?  Today’s topic is flowers.  I LOVE flowers.  I am a total flower person.  I want lots of flowers throughout our entire wedding.  The great thing about our venue is that with our wedding package, all of the centerpieces are included!!  That will save us SO much money!  That was something that sold me about our venue.  It doesn’t matter how big the centerpiece is or how many flowers, it’s included in our package.  So floral wise, all we are responsible for paying for are the bouquets, boutonniere and I’m going to see if I can get away with using fake rose petals to be scattered across the aisle.  Some places are funny and don’t allow you to bring fake petals, you can only use real ones.  So definitely check with your venue.  That is something that I need to do.

As I mentioned before, our colors are plum, silver and hints of fuchsia.  The hints of fuchsia, I really want to bring out in the flowers.  I’m looking to have purples and pinks in the flowers.  I think that will look beautiful.  My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy.  So I would like to incorporate that into the wedding.  It looks like this:

As for ideas for the flowers, I have some.  Here are some pictures that I really like:


Picture real-jewish-weddings-|-scottsdale,-azreal-jewish-weddings-|-scottsdale,-azreal-jewish-weddings-|-scottsdale,-az

I have to say that I am especially in love with the past 3 pictures from above!  I love that there are gerbera daisies in her bouquet!  I love the floral decorations above the chuppah.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!

I really like these flowers too!  I’m going to have such a difficult time trying to figure out which flowers I want to have.  I don’t really know much about particular flower types or anything of that nature.  I know that centerpiece wise, I don’t want really tall centerpieces.  I want people to be able to see each other from across the table.  I’d probably stick with low ones there.  I would like for Melissa’s bouquet to be a little different from all of the bridesmaids because she is the Maid of Honor.  I also would like my bouquet to be a little different from everyone else’s as well.  Same goes for the men.  So many choices!

Do you like any of the flowers that I posted?  Which pictures are your favorite?  Do you have a vision of what types of flowers you want at your wedding?  If you are already married, what types of flowers did you have at your wedding?

Alright, time to get back to work.  Have a great morning!  :)

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