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Watermelon & Pomegranate Sorbet

Posted May 13 2010 5:16pm

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made of ice and fruit juices or fruit puree and other ingredients. The word is derived from the Turkish ‘sarbat’, which in turn comes from Arabic. In French cuisine, sorbets are consumed between the starters and the entrees, as they serve to cleanse the palate. Sorbet is a non-fat and vegan alternative to ice cream. It is completely healthy, with absolutely no artificial ingredients.

These two sorbets use the fruits of the season: watermelon and pomegranate. Watermelon has a high water content and no calories at all. When churned in a blender and strained, with a dash of black salt, it becomes a great summer cooler. Pomegranate, traditionally, is considered even more valuable as a medicine than as a fruit. Containing reasonable amounts of potassium, phosphorus, sulphur, vitamin C, fibre, with all good alkaline effects, it has digestive properties too and according to ancient Indian medicine is good for five ailments.

So let’s experiment with some cool sorbets. They take only 10 minutes each to prepare.

Serves: 4


For watermelon sorbet:

200 gm watermelon
50 gm sugar
50 ml lemon juice

For pomegranate sorbet:

200 ml pomegranate juice
50 gm sugar
50 ml lemon juice
50 ml cold water


Puree the watermelon in a food processor and strain to extract the juice. Combine this juice with the sugar and lemon juice and whisk till the sugar dissolves. Churn and freeze the mixture for 10 minutes in a sorbet and ice cream machine. If you don’t have a machine, transfer the mixture to a shallow pan, cover and freeze till firm. Remove from freezer and churn once again in a blender or food processor. Freeze again until firm.

To substitute pomegranate for watermelon, extract pomegranate juice in a juicer. Combine this with the sugar, lemon juice and cold water. Churn and freeze as above.

To serve, scoop the sorbet into a dish. Garnish the watermelon sorbet with mint leaf and the pomegranate sorbet with pomegranate seeds.

Recipe & Photo Credit - The Hindu & Monish Gujral( MD, Moti Mahal Tandoori Trail chain of restaurants. New Delhi )
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