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Viral Fever - Symptoms

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:46pm 2 Comments

Rising body temperature, head and body aches, and occasionally a skin rash.

Once it enters the body, there is an incubation period while it multiples to a level high.

A phase of fatigue follows, when the body and muscles ache, and could lead to a low or high- grade fever.

Inflammation of the pharynx, a running nose, nasal conjestion, headache, redness of the eyes, cough , and muscle and joint pains can also be present.


It can be affect any age group.

It usually requires only symptomatic treatment.

Some variants can be highly contagious, but most aren't dangerous and are self - limited.

Most spread via inhalation of aerosolised particles, intake of contaminated water or food, or by direct contact.

The duration of a primary infection may vary from a few days to several weeks.


A viral fever does not require laboratory investigations to be diagnosed.

Treatment of viral fever is purely symptomatic with antipyretic and analgesic drugs. Bed rest and adequate fluid intake is advised. Nasal decongestants may be beneficial. Specific antiviral therapy is not routinely recommended.
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whether puffiness may present in viral fever .............?

hii this is rishi

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