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Vic and Kristen come to visit!

Posted Feb 25 2013 12:34pm

Hellooooo! How is everyone on this crappy Monday? I have to tell you after a super fun weekend, this week ahead of me is looking just awful. Hopefully I can make it through…come on, Friday!!

Let’s just jump right into the weekend recap, shall we? #warningitslong


When I got home from work on Friday, Fabio and I decided that we needed pizza again since he can’t eat meat on Fridays in Lent. In an attempt to help out both my waistline and my wallet, I opted to make some homemade pizza with spinach and a whole wheat crust instead of ordering delivery. We also sipped on some Blue Moons with fresh orange slices.

The pizza turned out delicious and I inhaled a couple of slices. It went perfectly with the Blue Moons, if I do say so ;)

After dinner we hung out for a bit before heading over to my friend Britt’s apartment in DC. I went over a bit early to catch up on some girl time, and Fabio met me there with a few of his friends later on. My friends Kristen and Vic were coming in to town and I was so excited to see them!

They arrived around 10 and then we all sat around catching up. Here’s a shot of all the ladies!!

We had a great night singing, dancing, and goofing around at Britt’s, before eventually heading to the bars. Such a fun evening!


On Saturday morning we all met up for brunch at Pulpo , a great little spot in Columbia Heights (which is still part of DC, for those of you who are curious).

Their brunch deal was amazing, and I was so happy they could accommodate all 10 of us.

I don’t know about you, but $25 for bottomless food and drinks sounds pretty darn fantastic.

We told our waiter to bring us samples of all of the popular dishes, which was a great way to taste a bunch of different items from the menu.

Some of my favorites were the meatball sliders, the olive oil pancakes (they were almost savory and came drizzled with honey and fresh fruit), the homemade blueberry muffins, and the patatas bravas. The mimosas weren’t bad either (fresh squeezed OJ!) so we took full advantage of the bottomless deal ;)

From left to right is Kerri, Britt, Vic, and Jess.

Then Turk, Kristen, me, and Jess (Janie was also there but somehow not in the picture I have!! Sorry, Janie!!).

We also got a group shot, but the lighting is horrible. Guess our waiter wasn’t the best photographer, huh?

Believe it or not, this was actually his second attempt at taking a picture for us. Oh well, at least he got us all in it :)

Overall Pulpo was a fantastic brunch spot and I will definitely be going back. The food, drinks, service, and price were amazing!

After brunch we walked around for a while and did a little shopping. We went into three boutiques in Adam’s Morgan and I wound up buying two pairs of earrings. Luckily I was able to restrain myself on buying anything else, since I saw about a million things I wanted.

I’m actually pretty proud of myself for not buying more. Baby steps! Haha.

After shopping, we quickly met up with a few friends for a beer and then headed our separate ways to shower and get ready for the evening.

I was only home for about two hours (just enough time to walk Jack, make a quick dinner, shower, and get ready) before heading back into DC. We started off at Britt’s again before heading over to a house warming party for one of our best guy friends, Kerry.

All of our guy friends from college were there and it was really nice to see them all again (especially since I just saw them a few weeks ago !). We tried to get the guys to take pictures of us, which didn’t really work out. Guys + cameras = disaster.


One of the fail pictured actually turned out really well, and is probably the favorite shot we got from the night.

I love how happy we all look :)

Finally we were able to snap a few “normal” photos.

Hooray! It was so nice to be able to spend so much time with old friends this weekend :)


Vic and Kristen needed to catch their bus back to New York at around noon on Sunday, so we all convened for a quick breakfast together before they had to leave.

Britt and Jess were in charge of making turkey bacon and eggs, and I brought the bagels! We had enough food to feed an army, and I was surprised when we ate almost all of it. Guess we were hungry!

After breakfast we sat around chatting for a while which was probably my favorite part of the weekend. I used to live with all of these girls in college and back then, chatting after breakfast was the most normal thing. I really took those moments for granted and now I can really appreciate time spent sitting around and laughing for no reason. It was so much fun :)

Noon came around before we knew it, and then Fabio and I dropped Vic and Kristen off at Union Station so they could catch their bus. Then we headed home and decided to take advantage of the (relatively) warm weather by heading out for a bike ride!

We wound up riding about 11 miles and went all over DC!

Unfortunately Fabio’s pedal fell off ( again !!) so we had to stop at a bike store. This time he decided to bite the bullet and just buy a new pedal, since the old one seemed pretty warped and would probably fall off again. It meant we had to walk our bikes to the bike store, which definitely messed up our average pace/time, but it wasn’t too bad.

It was a beautiful day (sunny and warmish!) and I was so happy to be outside.

I love where I live!!

The whole ride into DC happened to be downhill for some reason, so I was moving along at a brisk pace and thinking the ride was really easy. Piece of cake! Of course that meant that the way home was all uphill which was so tough.

At one point I kept repeating a mantra in my head (while huffing and puffing, mind you) telling myself, You can do this. You can do this.

When I said it in my head over and over, it gave me the strength to keep going up the super steep hill. It was really tough and I was proud of myself for not giving up even when the hill seemed never ending and my body was screaming at me to stop. Sometimes a little mantra is all you need!

According to my heart rate monitor I wound up burning about 600 calories on our ride so it wound up being a pretty good workout, especially those hills at the end. Phew!

After our ride, Fabio and I took Jack to the dog park, did some laundry, and watched the Oscars.

It was so nice to have an evening to relax after such a busy weekend :)

I also updated my workout calendar since my half marathon training starts this week! I can’t wait to get started!!

Question of the day: How do you plan the distance for your runs?

This is something I have been wondering lately since I have to start my half marathon training this week. On days when I have to run, say, 10 miles, how should I plan my route?

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