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Vault Brewing Company!…

Posted Nov 21 2012 6:56am

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday to you!  Today is actually my Friday! Wahoo!  It’s my last day of work until after Thanksgiving.  I am so happy about that. I sure could use a break from the commute and from working.  It’s nice to get a break every once in a while.  Are you excited for Thanksgiving?!  What are your plans?  I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner for Mike, Melissa, my Mom, and of course Oliver, and I.  I can’t forget Oliver!  He will be joining us for Thanksgiving.  I hope he behaves himself.  As long as he gets a piece of turkey, I think he will.  I’m really looking forward to cooking this year.  I love cooking Thanksgiving.  I get so proud of myself when the turkey turns out right.  Hopefully, I can do the same thing this year.

This year,  I am trying out some new recipes for the first time.  I got inspired while watching the Rachael Ray show this entire month.  The entire month, they have been doing nothing but Thanksgiving recipes.  I have really enjoyed watching all the recipes that they have been trying and I felt compelled to try three of her recipes.  I have made her recipes in the past and they have all turned out wonderfully.  The most recent recipe of hers that I tried out was the Maple and Mustard Chicken which was delicious!  I have no doubt in my mind that the recipes that I try will turn out great.  Fingers crossed!  Is there a particular dish that you prepare every year for Thanksgiving?

Anyway, switching gears a little bit, last night Mike and I decided to try a new local brewery that just opened.  It’s called Vault Brewing Company .  I do enjoy drinking beer however with everything going on with my stomach, it has been a year since I’ve had beer.  I can’t believe it’s been that long!  I was going to try their Sweet Potato Ale that I have heard good things about but unfortunately they were sold out of it.  So rather than risk being sick the rest of the night,  I decided on a glass of wine from a local vineyard.  The wine that I selected was the Chocolate Cherry Truffle (Port-style wine with a complex aroma of dark chocolate mingled with notes of black cherry, ripe plum, and toasted oak) from Crossing Vineyards .  Mike and I actually went to a wine class at that vineyard several years ago and I don’t remember trying this wine.  The wine was great!  It really had hints of chocolate and cherry.  I would totally buy a bottle of that wine.  It was that good.  Mike selected one of their beers.  He had the Coffee Stout (Complex with roasted coffee and chocolate and a chewy, nutty finish).  I took a sip and it did have a lot of coffee flavor.  It was good for a stout beer.

Menu..sorry, it was very dark in there!

We decided to order the Three Hummus Board (house-made garlic, basil, and beet hummus with fresh veggies and wood-fired pita) as an appetizer.

Three Hummus Board

The only hummus that I liked was the garlic hummus.  I was disappointed by it because there were huge chunks of chickpeas that were not pureed.  That I didn’t like.  If you order hummus, it should be smooth with no chunks of chickpeas left in it.  The veggies were a few slices of peppers.  Very disappointing if you ask me.  I wouldn’t order that again.

Mike decided to order the Margarita (house-made tomato sauce topped with house-made fresh mozzarella and fresh basil with an additional topping of balsamic vinegar) pizza.

Margarita pizza

Mike thought his pizza was just okay.  He thought it didn’t have enough cheese on it.  He did like the addition of the balsamic vinegar.  It gave it an extra flavor.

Before, I go on to talk about my meal, I should bring up that they do not supply you with silverware or plates.  I didn’t like that.  I like to be able to have silverware to use if I should so want to.  I also would have liked a plate for the appetizer.  I just thought that was a little strange.

For my meal, I ordered the White Mint (garlic and olive oil base with shredded fresh mozzarella, herdsman, and ricotta cheese topped with fresh mint)  pizza.

White pizza

I thought my pizza was the best thing that we had the entire night.  I really liked the fresh mint on top.  I didn’t think I was going to but it went well with the ricotta cheese.

Overall, the service was very slow.  The food was nothing special.  We were both disappointed.  It had a lot of potential.  I have been to Breweries before and the food is up to par as well as the beer.  I think they are more a brewery that just so happens to serve food.  I think the highlight of this place is the beer.  It was disappointing.  I don’t know if we came on an off night or if they are still navigating their way.  I’m not sure.  I don’t know if we would go back.  Do you like breweries?

Alright, well that is all I have for today!  I will be back sometime soon to talk about Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Be safe!

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