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Valentine’s Day Recap!

Posted Feb 15 2013 2:14pm

Hey everyone! Who’s happy it’s Friday? :-D Me too! Woo!

Yesterday I promised to give you a recap of my Valentine’s Day, so let’s get to it!

Valentine’s Day

I didn’t mention this yesterday in case Fabio decided to read the blog (which sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn’t), but I had a little surprise prepared for him for Valentine’s Day :)

Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when I was cleaning and found a couple of our old memory books ? Well I realized that I hadn’t made one in quite a while (ahem, 2 years) so I made one for him for Valentine’s Day.

The book included all of my favorite pictures from 2011 to today. When I was putting it all together, I realized how lucky we are to do so many fun things together. The book included two trips to Italy, a trip to Jamaica, and a Caribbean cruise with all of our friends from senior year in college. Pretty nice life we live, huh?

I also got Fabio a cute card :) I think he was really surprised and happy with his gifts!

Jack too, duh.

Once I gave Fabio his gifts he quickly banished my from the kitchen and got to work on dinner. It was quite funny because he wouldn’t let me peek into the kitchen at all. Even if I tried to do something like get a glass of water, he was quick to come to me so I couldn’t see what he was making. It was really fun trying to guess what he was up to in there!

First up Fabio opened a delicious bottle of Chilean red wine for us to share :)

It was delicious and I enjoyed sipping on it while Fabio cooked away in the kitchen.

After a little while he brought out some appetizers for us in the form of cheesy garlic bread. He actually burned the first batch under the broiler (hehe- it was cute!) but he made another batch that turned out great.


At one point I heard Fabio scold Jack for “sniffing the fish” so I had a feeling he was making some type of fish dish lol. I guess he’s not the best secret keeper, huh? ;)

Soon it was time for our main meals and Fabio brought out our plates of delicious food.

I was right! He made us fish!! On the plate was broiled salmon with lemon, brussels sprouts, asparagus, and carrots. Everything tasted delicious and I was so proud of him for pulling it off by himself. At one point he even said, “I don’t know how you do that every day.” What a cutie lol!

Although the dinner was delicious and I ate every bite, the star of the show was definitely dessert. After we washed all the dishes from dinner, Fabio (rather sheepishly) asked if I could help him make dessert. He said he wasn’t really confident about the recipe he had picked out and didn’t want to mess it up or take way too long trying to put it all together. Of course I said yes, and then we made dessert together! I was pretty happy at this point because helping out in the kitchen was more fun anyway :)

When I asked what we were having he responded by handing me this bar of dark chocolate…

…and then telling me that it was for my favorite dessert ever, chocolate molten cake. YES!! I was literally so excited haha.

I should also mention that it’s a really good thing Fabio asked for my help because the recipe he chose was pretty complicated. It involved whisking egg whites with cream of tartar and gently folding them into the chocolatey egg yolk mixture, which I’m not sure he could have handled by himself. I give him a lot of credit where credit is due, but I just think that recipe would have been a little tough for him ;)

Anyway, with the two of us working side by side, the recipe came together in no time and soon we were looking at finished mini chocolate molten cakes!

Yummm. They came out so good and were perfectly gooey in the center.

Fabio’s such a great guy that he even picked up some low-fat Hagen-Daaz vanilla ice cream to serve with the molten cakes. What a guy!

Such a great meal!

We pretty much spent the rest of the evening finishing off the wine and watching movies together. It was a perfect Valentine’s Day in my book :)

And I made sure to have quite the workout this morning to burn off all those calories. Phew!

So, I was originally planning to do a Favorite Things Friday post after this recap, but since this post is already pretty lengthy I think I better stop here. That just means more photos for next week! Woohoo!

Question of the day: What dessert would you want to eat on Valentine’s Day?




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