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Uses of Socks

Posted Sep 22 2008 5:34pm
Protect stored breakables
Want to protect Grandma's precious vase or your bobble head collection? Wrap it up! Slip the item into a sock to help protect it from breaking or chipping.

Cover kids' shoes when packing
Does Junior insist on bringing along his favorite old sneakers? Before you toss them into the suitcase, cover each one with an adult-size sock to protect the rest of the clothing.

Polish your car
A big old soft sock makes a perfect hand mitt for buffing the wax on your car.

Keep hands clean changing tire
If you ever get a flat tire on your way to a fancy party or job interview, you'll thank yourself for having the foresight to throw a pair of socks in the trunk. Slip the socks on your hands while handling the tire, and they'll be clean when you arrive.

Protect floor surfaces
The next time you need to move a heavy table or sofa across a smooth floor, put socks over the legs and just slide the piece.

Store your work goggles
Shop goggles won't fit in an eyeglass case, so just slip them into a sock to protect them from getting scratched. You can even nail or screw the sock to the wall or bench so you will always know where the goggles are.

Wash bag for dainty lingerie
Protect your precious delicates in the washing machine. Slip them into a sock and tie the ends.

Use as cleaning mitts
Save those old or solo socks to use as cleaning mitts. Slip them on, and they are great for cleaning in tight corners and crevices.

Clean shutter and blind slats
Forget wasting money on those expensive gadgets and gizmos for cleaning venetian blind slats. Just slip a sock over your hand and gently rub the dust off. You can use some dusting spray on the sock, if you like.

Clean rough plaster walls
Use nylon or Ban-Lon socks, instead of a sponge or cloth, to clean rough plaster walls. No small pieces of material will be left behind.

Wash small stuffed animals
Does your child's favorite stuffed fuzzy need a bath? Slip small stuffed animals into a sock and tie the end to prevent buttons, eyes, and other decorative items from coming loose.

Protect a wall from ladder marks
To prevent marks on the wall when you're leaning your ladder on it, slip socks over the ladder top ends. For safety reasons, however, make sure someone is holding the ladder.
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