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Uses of Nail Polish

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:44pm
Tip: Using Nail Polish

To keep nail polishes fresh and easy to use, store them in the refrigerator. Keep them together in a little square plastic container.

Shaking a polish bottle to mix the color can cause bubbles. Roll the bottle between your palms instead.

Wipe the inside threads of your nail polish bottle and cap with a cotton swab dipped in polish remover before closing them. It'll open more easily.

Making Repairs
Mend a fingernail

You just split a nail, but don't have a nail repair kit handy? Grab an unused tea bag instead. Cut the bag open, dump the tea, cut a piece of the bag into the shape of your nail, and cover it with clear nail polish. Press it onto your nail, then apply colored nail polish. You'll be good to go until the break grows out.

Temporarily repair eyeglasses
So you sat on your glasses and one lens has a small crack, but you can't get to the optometrist right away? Seal the crack on both sides with a thin coat of clear nail polish. That will hold it together until you can see your way to the doctor's office.

Stop a windshield crack from spreading

If you've developed a small crack in your windshield, stop it cold with some clear polish. Working in the shade, brush the crack on both sides of the glass with polish to fill it well. Move the car into the sun so the windshield can dry. You will eventually need to repair your windshield, but this will give you time to shop around for the best estimate.
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