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Use of specific spices in cooking.

Posted by Swati S.

If you plan to use spices in your cooking, here are some starter-tips to get you going. 1. Cinnamon. It lends a beautiful aroma to your cooking. It is a very versatile spice that can be used to flavor many things, such as meat, fish, vegetables like pumpkins, and dishes made with apricots. However, my favorite use of cinnamon is in apple pies -- cinnamon and apple makes for an unbeatable combination. 2. Ginger. It is especially helpful if used in winters, as it provides warmth to the body. It gives a fantastic flavor to curries, both vegetable and meat. If you are a tea drinker, try putting ginger in your tea. You can add ginger when boiling the water to get its flavor. 3. Dry Mustard. It works great with fish. 4. All Spice. As the name suggests, it can be used with just about anything -- fish, meat, and vegetables.
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Hey Swati, I love your four listed spices, too, especially cinnamon and ginger. The great thing about them - besides their unbelievable aroma and taste - is that they offer healthy benefits. I've heard eating cinnamon twice a day may help lower blood sugar, triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels. And ginger - used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years - has been helpful in everything from arthritis and rheumatism to appetite loss, indigestion, motion sickness, headaches and fever. And, of course, stomaches - I mean, whose mother didn't let you drink Ginger Ale when you were sick as a kid? Second-best reason for being sick (except, of course, you got out of school!)
u areright - taste is why we want to use them - but they r really healthy otherwise. Ginger is good to have in the winter as it keeps the body warm.!
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