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Use Compost For Your Organic Garden

Posted Apr 22 2009 12:00am
My dad found this great article on growing your organic garden with compost. Enjoy!

Right now we are growing our herb and veggie garden in pots.  We are renting a house and don't know how long we will be living here.  I don't want to plant a nice garden, then have to move and leave my garden behind!!  So, today my dad planted garlic chives, italian parsley, sweet basil, variety lettuce and spinach in two long pots (later we want to get a few BIG pots and grow tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro and potatoes).  Guess what he used... composted sheep/horse poop and mulched leaves.  He made three layers in the pots (starting from the bottom): rocky soil and ashes, sandy soil, the poop/leaf compost.  Hmm...yummm!  May sound gross, but the soil and plants LOVE it!  They will thank you by giving you lots of nourishing food rich with vitamins and minerals.

I am soooo thankful my dad has two green thumbs.  I am learning and love watching my dad working around the flower beds and gardening.  He really has a gift with plants and can make pretty much anything grow.  Naomi is his assistant with watering the plants, she's gonna get her green thumbs from him (thank goodness!).  He desires to pass on to the girls the heritage he received from his grandfather.  I hope that the girls will enjoy gardening as they grow up, they will be great help to Papi and me.
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