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unBaby Food - Squash

Posted Jun 21 2009 12:00am

UnBaby food? What is that?! It's my special little term for baby food that's not found in the jars and boxes in the baby aisle. It's perfectly safe and healthy for the littlest ones, but it's a little outside the box. Or maybe it is in a box, as in the case of our frozen cooked squash, but you know what I mean.

Because I'm just a wee bit passionate about healthy food, I was determined to get my baby started on the road to good health by feeding him only foods that were healthy for him. Part of that determination was to make my own baby food whenever I could. Not that there's anything inherently unhealthy about the jars of baby food; but I can't help but think that food I make him myself is fresher and therefore healthier. Furthermore, those jars might seem cheap, but they certainly add up! If I fed my baby exclusively with jarred food, he would quickly overtake our grocery budget, and his Daddy and I would end up hungry! (Slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean!)

So I buy the jars when they're on sale and I can use coupons, and I feed him jarred baby food when I'm in a hurry or on the road (or sometimes if I don't want to bother making the food myself, like prunes), but I try to give him as much "unBaby" food as possible.

As always, my goal is to accomplish this in a quick, easy, cheap and healthy way! I don't have all day to prepare homemade baby foods, so I look for easier alternatives. Frozen cooked squash is now one of my favorites.

It's so QUICK to fix up for my little one: 4 minutes in the microwave, a little stirring and it's ready to go! So it's a few minutes longer than opening a jar, but still. It's not bad!

Definitely EASY because it's already been cooked, so you don't have to worry about cooking the squash, then cutting off the rind, chopping the flesh into small pieces and then pureeing it. All that is already done.

It's CHEAP: Most grocery stores carry a line of frozen boxed veggies that are very inexpensive. My grocery store (Giant) has their own line of such frozen veggies, including the above pictured box of cooked squash. Each box costs just $1 and is 12 oz. Most baby food jars are 4 oz, so you are paying roughly .33 for each serving.

Frozen food is considered by most to be at least as HEALTHY as fresh, because it's picked at the peak of freshness and quickly frozen. And unlike jarred baby foods, which sometimes have added ingredients and fillers, this box contains nothing but squash.

I heated the entire contents of the package in the microwave, then split it into three servings. One I fed the little guy right away, and the others I put in the fridge to use over the next few days

I unfortunately cannot re-freeze it because that is not recommended for cooked frozen foods. But since there are only two additional servings, I will have no problem using them up in the next few days before they go bad, and it will be nice to have a ready-to-serve portion in the fridge for when I need it.

As you can see, the little one enjoyed his unBaby food immensely

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