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Twice Baked With a Toss

Posted Oct 09 2009 10:00pm
D octors and I never get along. Something will always happen at a physician’s office, without a doubt, be it big or small. Yesterday, I went to the OB/GYN to do a routine as I’ll be looking into birth control for the while with Phillip. So I go and first the questions start, “Why are you so light weight?” Well to be frank, I gained weight. I’m now finally 110 lbs, which isn’t great at my age and stature but it isn’t horrible nor extremely underweight as I used to be - woo! Second, because of the development of my gluten intolerance in addition to my weight fluctuation, I stopped getting my visitor two years ago; that was the second question. The doctor said that it doesn’t seem like there would be anything wrong, but, there might be something wrong with my thyroid. To assure that it isn’t anything more complicated, he wanted to draw blood. Fine, I’ve had that done a million times already. I had enough blood drawn to feed baby vampire twins. I also have to take a 3 month medication to flush my system out to assure that there isn’t any tissue build up. Makes sense, so, I’m good with that even though there’s this vast redundancy that has me taking one medication to start my visitor prior to the birth control that’ll stop it.

Kay. I’m good, I’m a trooper.

Well, I go to get my blood drawn. The lady was nice and sweet and stated she’s really good, fast, and painless. I didn’t worry. So I’m sitting there, waiting for it and she goes in - and misses the vein. “I’m sorry! Let me try again”, she states. And then she misses the vein, again. Fine, I’m good. It’s happened before since my body is very cold on a typical basis and my veins are really tiny. As sad as it is to say, I’m used to it. So, she looks at the back of my hand and inquires, “Have you ever had blood taken from your hand? You have a nice vein right there.” Never have but I say go for it. So she does and for the first time in my life, I pass out after hearing this pop. I don’t know what happened. I just felt so dizzy, so tired, and just feint. Next thing I know I see women fanning me with magazines and a cold compress being pressed against my face.
I felt so embarrassed.

I don’t understand why it happened either. I mean I see blood all the time, I cut myself all the time and I don’t fret. It might have been the way she entered the vein but, god. That never happened to me before, even when they pricked me five times prior. Yes, that happened during my biopsy. Five, no lie. And to top it off, I have this gorgeous black and blue on my hand. She kept on flicking it to “prevent swelling”. Now, for the icing, I look into this medication. The birth control is a generic form of Ortho-tricylcin, which is okay. My body, according to the doctor, is too small to go with other ‘insert’ means of birth control. Second, this 3 month pill has lactose in it. Fantastic. So if I don’t take this pill and unless my visitor starts again, I’m technically categorized as infertile which is what I figured. Phillip and I have discussed that possibility because I knew all along the obviousness of not having a visitor meaning my eggs are in limbo. He’s okay with it. I’m going to try this medicine and hope that it won’t hurt me. If it does, I’ll go back and see if there’s an alternative and, hey, maybe it’ll start on its own by some miracle. Maybe if I gain more weight my body will be, “Okay, let’s move out,” and it’ll return.

If everything goes downhill, adoption is always the option and because he is my gift from god, he’s totally fine with it.

Speaking of children, after the whole fiasco, I still had to baby sit but for an expected only short time. That short time turned into seven hours. I only had a fluffernutter, an apple, and some munching veggies for lunch. I was starving. I was hungry when I left, happy because I now have money for Whole Foods tomorrow, but starving. Luckily, I always prep cook at least some portion of my following meal or lunch. So I came in, threw my junk in my room, and went to eat. Sometimes the best thing in the world is a giant, big, fat, baked potato accompanied by a luscious, fresh, and healthy salad. See, all this weight I gain isn’t fat weight either because I don’t eat many fattening foods, especially recently since I’ve been eating giant salads for supper, which I know is a very healthy thing. You get your proteins, vegetables, and carbs with the possible fruit addition all on one plate. Sounds like a plan to me.

Twice Baked Sweet Potato with Cashew Cream and Roasted Garlic
And a Semi-Cobb Salad

The Cream
¼ cup cashews
¼ cup water
1 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp nutritional yeast
Dash of salt
The Potato
1 huge sweet potato
1 tsp thyme
1 clove roasted garlic
Soak the cashews overnight so they become soft and easier to blend.
Pre-heat your oven to 400.

Clean your potato and make a vertical slash down the enter, ½ an inch deep.

Spray with nonstick cooking spray and lay on a baking sheet, baking for about 45 minutes.

Let cool.

Next day, dig out the flesh into a bowl about ¼ inch away from the skin. Add the seasonings and garlic then mash and mix well. Re-stuff the potato and bake for five minuets, then broil for an additional five or until the crust becomes slightly dark and crunchy.

For an even more decadent potato, brush on a little melted non-dairy butter before broiling…Mmm..!

Semi-Cobb Salad
1 hard boiled egg
1/5th of an avocado
½ cup chickpeas
8 cherry tomatoes
2 cups lettuce of choice
1 tbsp soy bacon bits

1 tsp Dijon mustard
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tsp orange juice
1 tbsp Bragg’s amino acid
Salt and pepper to taste
Pinch of sugar

This concept diverts from the traditional preparation method of the Cobb Salad. The Cobb is known as a composed salad, meaning that it is arranged in a certain order. Nowadays even in restaurants the “Cobb” salad isn’t as traditionally prepared. As well, chicken is the primary protein source in addition to the eggs and bacon. In my rendition, I use chickpeas and bacon bits just sprinkled on top. Cheese is also called for but, for the obvious lactose intolerance and need for no further excess amount of protein, I omitted it.
Feel free to find your own style of presentation.

The vinaigrette is also the standard dressing, but, the original recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce which isn‘t obviously gluten free. Feel free to choose your favorite. Some options for a dressing is to use some of the ingredients and turn it into the dressing like using the avocado as a green goddess, make an emulsion with the egg, or a creamy dressing with the dairy there.
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