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Posted Sep 13 2008 11:46pm

If you go for a walk....
You need a pair of good sports shoes.
An exellent way to explore a new city- get a guidebook and take a tour.
The sun in the sky, the wind in your hair, fresh air.....make you fresh and energetic.
You can bring the children along; little ones can ride in carriers or strollers/prams.
Walking on an imperfect surface burns slightly more calories [ 1-5 %].
Great variety of terrain; trekking up a hill can increase calorie burn [ 15-70 % ].
Offers a super- controlled workout- you can precisely adjust the speed and incline. Tired - Just turn it off. No need to walk back home- you're already there !
No patholes or pitch darkness to worry about.
As sleeping baby at home means you have to stay nearby while exercising.
Consistently smooth surface; no stumbling on sidewalk cracks or tree roots.
If you're visiting an unfamiliar area, you can play it safe and go to the hotel fitness centre.
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