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Tried and True Ways to Maintain Positive Mental Health…Quantum EPFX And Mental Health

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:00pm

Today’s Questions:

What’s the most effective thing you do to maintain positive mental health?  How did you discover this?  What stop-gap measures do you use when you feel yourself slipping into a not-so-good emotional space?  What’s your “Plan B” when nothing seems to help?  

(To post your comments, go to the bottom of this article.  You’ll see a list of key words.  The final word in that list will either say “No Comments” or a number in front of the word “Comments”.  Select that phrase by left clicking on it.  A menu will appear called “Leave a Reply”.  Fill in the form.  Select “Submit Comment”.)  

Dear Friends: 

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? 

And for you “foodies”, May 11 is Eat What You Want Day 

(Yeah…I KNEW you’d like that one… totally depend on me to keep you updated with this kind of earth shattering info!) 

This month, rather than me tell you stuff, I’d like to hear from YOU 

Tell us about the positive things you do to keep a balanced mental outlook on life… what works for you?  What doesn’t work for you?  What things do you swear by?   

Share the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional tools that you swear by… natural herbs and supplements… things like that… (No drugs, chemicals, illegal, or illicit practices, please….)   

When you feel yourself slipping into a less-than-positive space, what do you do to get yourself out of that?  How effective is it?  What do you do if your “Plan A” doesn’t work? 

This month’s message from me is short, sweet, and directly to the point.  (Ok so I lied about not having a message this month… but it was just a teensy one to get you thinking and sharing your thoughts… can you blame me?!!!) 

Go ahead… take a deep breath… (Oh yeah… remember to let it out…) 

Think pleasant thoughts… (Some of you are grinning…) 

Ready?  Here goes…  

Although at times we may joke about our “senior moments”, Mental Health is a serious issue.   

Your Quantum EPFX Mental Health biofeedback session can be designed to re-educate and train your body to more positively deal with the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual stresses related to your emotional concerns and stressors.

Let me say that again… you may be able to quite literally RE-EDUCATE and TRAIN your body to deal with everyday stresses in a more positive and more healthful way!!! 

And here’s the kicker: It’s non-invasive… No drugs… No pain…No discomfort… Not even any expensive, time-consuming lifestyle changes! 

No kidding!

 Yep!  We’ll get you smiling yet!!! 

Let’s hear from you!    

Continued wishes for a happy and healthy May 2008!  

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