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Travel: Magic Kingdom; Restaurant Reviews: Main Street Bakery, The Pinocchio Village Haus, Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Lake Buena Vi

Posted Feb 17 2011 2:17pm

First off, don't you love the first picture... it's one of those rare perfect pictures to have a bird flying by.  

If you missed it, here is a recap on my Disney World Trip:
Day 1 - The Dolphin Resort
Day 2 - Epcot Center - the best Disney theme park
Day 3 - Hollywood Studios  

Prior to heading to Disney World, Magic Kingdom was the most anticipated theme park, however after spending a day at MK, I felt Epcot Center was better.  Now don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed myself at Magic Kingdom, but I felt MK would appeal more to a child rather than an adult.  Having said that, I can be a kid at heart so I went on quite a few "baby rides" and 1 roller coaster.  :-)

3111 World Drive
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
(Lake Buena Vista)

My husband and I headed to Magic Kingdom around 12 PM.  The day started off gloomy.  As you enter there is a semi-circle with a bunch of shops.  You may notice people with families waiting in line to take a picture with one of the characters.  

As usual we were both hungry and made our first stop at Main Street Bakery.

Main Street Bakery Menu .
CUISINE: Cafe/Bakery/Pastries/Sandwiches

Main Street Bakery is a very reasonably priced bakery that offers coffee, pastries, sandwiches, snacks, and fruit.  Here you order and pay for your food and then grab a seat or take it to go.  

Great morning selection of baked goods.

My husband was much healthier than me... he got a Plain Croissant and a BANANA - this is where he was healthy.  :-)

Me on the other hand, I succumbed to my craving and got Chocolate Croissant with a Coffee.  Both the croissant and coffee were quite good.  I was satiated and on my way.  

Keep in mind that my husband and I aren't morning eaters so prices may vary for others who eat a bigger breakfast.
For 2 people: 2 Croissants + 1 Coffee + 1 Fruit ~ $10

VERDICT for Main Street Bakery: 4 / 5
For Disney World standards, this bakery was very reasonably priced and has a pretty good selection of baked goods.  I didn't think the croissants were out of this world, but they were good and the coffee was definitely above average.  This is a great spot for breakfast or an afternoon tea.

I was blown away when I saw Cinderella's Castle.  It has been over 20 years since I saw this beautiful and magical castle.  WOW!  

There was a show with Mickey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and some of the princesses.  

Soon enough we headed to Adventureland - one of Magic Kingdom's sections.  We went on the Jungle Cruise.  This ride was a safari boat tour, kinda silly considering how long the wait was.  I was just excited to know what the hype was about, it was kinda fun.  :-)

We also went on Pirates of the Caribbean where you sail through Spanish Main.  There is a surprise on this ride which I LOVED, I won't spoil it for you so go on this ride to find out.  

Splash Mountain is a ride I have such vivid memories from as a child.  I remember loving this ride as a child, but I also remember getting wet so we skipped this ride since it was cloudy and 60-65 degrees F outside.  The boat plunges 5 stories - looks so fun!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was my favorite ride at Magic Kingdom - do not miss this.  There was a LONG LINE, but the wait is totally worth it.  I loved the twist and turns on this fast coaster, however it didn't go upside down which was good for me.

Hanging out in Fantasyland!

Another ride I remember really well from my childhood was, "It's a Small World!"  

This ride was a beautiful musical indoor voyage showcasing dolls from many countries around the world. 

Here is France.

Here is India... I clearly remember these dolls... it's funny how certain memories just don't fade away and I was only 7.  


A few hours later we were hungry again.  The next stop was The Pinocchio Village Haus which is a quick service restaurant consisting of items such as pizza, pasta, burgers, salads, and fries.  

The Pinocchio Village Haus Menu .
CUISINE: American

Once again, both my husband and I ordered the same thing - Breaded Chicken Parmesan with Orzo Pasta, however this wasn't orzo pasta, right?  This was just regular pasta on the side.  Regardless, this dish was quite amazing... the chicken was tender and crispy with just the right amount of mozzarella cheese.  I topped it off with some Crushed Red Pepper - I love spicy food!  :-)

For 2 people: 2 Entrees + 1 Coke ~ $22

VERDICT for The Pinocchio Village Haus Restaurant: 4 / 5
Since I haven't tried other items from the menu, I can't give this place a higher score.  The Chicken Parmesan was surprisingly very tasty and I'm so glad it wasn't a let down because we were both starving.  

Moving along, next stop was Snow White's Scary Adventures which was a journey inside through the dark.  I know, such a baby ride, but I love the fairytale so I convinced my hubby to go on this ride with me.  Yes, he did give me a hard time about it, however he eventually complied.  :-)  Thanks VS!

Of course, I had to get SLEEPY, y'all know how I love to sleep!  Grumpy would have been another good one for me, at least my family thinks so but they are SO wrong! 

Here Snow White is thinking about eating that poisoned apple.  

Main Street.

And then we ended up grabbing some ice cream from Plaza Ice Cream Parlor.  

My hubby and I shared a sundae which consisted of 2 scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, and of course a cherry on top!  It was good, but I felt they could have been a bit more generous with the hot fudge.  

1 sundae ~ $5 (pretty standard)

VERDICT for Ice Cream Parlor: 3 / 5 
They are a bit stingy with the hot fudge and there are a lack of an ice cream selection to choose from, about 7 total.  Typically, most American ice cream spots have over 15 different ice creams to choose from.  I believe this is the only ice cream place at Magic Kingdom so if you want ice cream, just have it here, it is good, but there is no WOW factor!

More Tips
To burn some time, we went on Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.  This is about a 10-15 minute ride which was relaxing.  I had fun and almost fell asleep.

Stitch's Great Escape - OMG, this show put me to sleep.  It was SO boring, totally for kids.  Hated it.

Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor - This show is supposedly hilarious, it's okay, not that funny.  They do pick on the audience to participate.  

Space Mountain - My hubby wanted to go on this ride which is an indoor roller coaster and as you know I have reservations about roller coasters, I'm so lame!  In addition to my trepidation, there was a 50 minute wait for Space Mountain, and so we skipped it.  My 12 year old niece, Rhea, was so angry with me when I told her, she said, "How could you not go on Space Mountain, that is the best ride!"  Uhmmm, because I was scared, Rhea.  :-(  Sorry VS!

Well, as the night unfolded, the castle started changing colors.  Pretty in twilight.

I had a lot of fun with this.

Taking pictures every few minutes.  

My husband was so irritated with me.  HAHA!  Silly things make me happy.

My favorite! Magical, right?

Here is a shot of Main Street at Night, sooooo pretty.

And then I got popcorn to burn some time while we waited until the fireworks began at 8 PM.  

8 PM - the fireworks commenced!

This kind is my favorite kind of firework, they look like rain drops.  Gorgeous!

Honestly, Magic Kingdom's fireworks were better than Epcot Center's IllumNations Show .  In addition, both Magic and Epcot were 10 times better than NYC's Macys Fourth of July Fireworks

I loved how there was music to go with it... Magic Kingdom would make any child's dream come true!  :-)  View this video and notice Tinkerbell flying away.  Now hearing the video, I LOVED hearing the other kids' excitement... t'was cute!

I really enjoyed myself at Magic Kingdom, I think my husband may have been a little bored with all the "baby rides."  In any case, we both really enjoyed the fireworks which is definitely the highlight at this theme park.  In addition, Big Thunder Mountain Ride was my favorite ride at Magic KingdomSplash Mountain is great if you don't mind getting wet.  Space Mountain would be a good one if you like roller coasters.  And definitely check out Main Street Bakery for some coffee/desserts when your feet start to hurt.  Enjoy!

TELL ME: Have you been to Magic Kingdom and what did you think?  What did I miss?   

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