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Traditional Fruitcake

Posted by Kenna M.

I became interested in healthy cooking when I was a teenager. One year during the holidays, I made a batch of organic, wheat flour fruitcakes with real organic dry fruit and nuts. I used rum and brandy to "cure" the cakes. It took a whole month to make with cheese cloth and curing in a dark cabinet. The house smelled great for 30 days! It took a lot of work to make, but they were the best. Everyone in my family loved it. I couldn't keep one -- they were gone before Christmas came. Has anyone made an organic fruitcake before?
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I haven't, but I always wanted to! I have Marie Rudisill's fruit cake cookbook and she has many recipes that are variations of organic fruitcake. Marie Rudisill - famous for being the smart-ass "Fruitcake Lady" of Jay Leno fame, is actually the living aunt of Truman Capote. Her recipes are a historical testament to the Southern fruitcake ways of old. You should check it out! It makes a difference, changing the nuts, the flours, the dried fruits.
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