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Top Anti Allergy Mattresses For You Or Your Kids

Posted Mar 14 2013 5:17pm
top anti allergy mattresses

top anti allergy mattresses Allergies are triggered by lots of things, such as pollen, certain types of food, insect stings, and medicine. Other common triggers are dust and mold, and these particles can easily accumulate in mattresses. Dust mites are also frequently found in beds and linen, and these microscopic creatures can set off an allergic reaction. Because some mattresses are more prone to getting dusty or moldy, or are more attractive to dust mites, it's better for those with allergies  to be rather picky when it comes to choosing a mattress. In case you are a person who is sensitive to allergens, here are the top anti allergy mattresses that you can consider: Memory Foam What makes the memory foam a great choice? For one, memory foams, unlike coil or spring mattresses, do not have hollow interiors. Because the inner portion of a spring mattress is empty, there is more room for dust mites to build their nests. On the other hand, memory foams are compact, which means that there is no room for the miniature mites to live or breed. All in all, dense mattresses, like the memory foam, deter dust mites from thriving, and these types do not have voids where other allergens can collect. Latex Mattress Another option is the latex mattress. Similar to the memory foam, it does not provide areas where dust mites can breed or live. Some, however, complain of the strong odor of latex emanating from new mattresses. One solution here is to expose the mattress to air after opening. Place this in an area where there is good ventilation. Before using, wrap the mattress in an anti-allergy cover. Other Anti-Allergy Options You'll certainly find a large selection of top anti allergy mattresses made specifically for allergic, asthmatic or hypersensitive people. These types could either have latex layers or are made of memory foam, but they have different names. There are hypoallergenic types, as well as mattresses for those with chemical sensitivity too. But apart from choosing the right mattress, you also need to have suitable bedding and pillowcases so as not to exacerbate your allergies. Here are a few more tips. 1. When looking for anti-allergy mattress accessories, search for those made of microfiber polyester fabric or very tightly woven cotton. Generally, allergens can easily pass through porous fabric. But if you also go for non-porous material, your bed or pillows won't be able to breathe. So, opt for something that's not very porous yet something that will also provide some protection against allergens, such as the examples given. 2. Use plastic or vinyl covers for your mattress. This will ensure that dust mites and other allergens won't be able to get inside your bed. Because such materials can become warm and uncomfortable, use more comfy bedding or toppers that have anti-allergy features. 3. Since dust and other types of allergens can accumulate in an area that is not regularly cleaned, make it a point to vacuum or air-out your mattress and pillows regularly. You can also use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate) filters as these remove allergens in the air better than regular filters. Change linen too and wash all mattress accessories thoroughly. 4. Vacuuming will help in keeping your mattress clean, but it's not a very effective method if you are battling dust mites. It will be difficult to get rid of the mites that are already breeding in the middle of the mattress. If you are not yet prepared to purchase a new bed, what you can do is get a vinyl mattress cover and seal it. Tape the zipper and other areas where air might pass through. This might suffocate a few of those dust mites that are giving you problems. Also, the mites won't be able to get out of the mattress and irritate you. The article was contributed by Claire Thorpe, a freelancer who regularly blogs about family issues and home improvement. Her articles have been used by various companies, including .

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