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Top 5 Tips for Cooking Healthy

Posted by C.L. R.

1. Crank up the steam. Eating steamed vegetables gives the nutrients more of a shot from making it to your plate to your body. 2. Avoid condiments - try herbs and spices instead. Condiments can pack on extra sugar, calories and fat, along with their flavor. 3. Know what you're eating. Read the labels on all meat products, or ask the deli for more information. Avoid meats that have been treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. 4. Grease your knowledge. Cooking with olive oil is a much better choice than using something like butter. Even though label reading may lead you to think olive oil's too high in fat, the reality is, it's the good fat that your body can easily process. 5. Go for grains! Add whole grain items to your meals to avoid overindulging. Whole grain breads are healthy and will give that extra oomph for hours after your meal.
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