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Tootsie Rolls, Sweet Rice Flour, Mus Musculus & A Delay

Posted Mar 31 2009 11:12pm

Today was to be the posting of the first recipe from the Culinary Institute of America's Baking & Pastry book, Lean White Bread. Unfortunately, my start has been delayed by a series of events. First, my order for high protein gluten free flours has been delayed. Second, my stock of gluten free flours was hit by a pillager worthy enough to belong to any Viking horde.

You got it... mus musculus or the common house mouse.

Since my primary protein flours haven't arrived, I decided to use my fall back plan. I played with the flours & protein quantities and headed into the pantry to pull out the needed flours when I made a most unpleasant discovery. When I pulled out my flour storage basket, I noticed there were Tootsie roll wrappers lying across the back of the pantry shelf. There was white flour laying across the wrappers and up the wall.

With that "ick" feeling coming on, I started examining the storage basket that had all the flours. The sealed bags had been ransacked. Holes through the bottoms and sides of all the bags. White flour covered everything. Then I noticed that the sweet rice flour bag was wide open with a big bowl shape carved out of the middle. My husband and I were utterly amazed - a mouse wallowing in sweet rice flour. I've got to nip this in the bud, before every mouse in the neighborhood hears that sweet rice flour works better than dirt to keep a rodent pest free.

Hopefully it's not getting around to the all the local Viking varmits that I store chocolate and flour at our house. Last time we were hit December, the mouse tried to eat it's own body weight in Callebaut chocolate. Thank goodness this the mouse only found the Tootsie Rolls and not the gluten free Lake Champlain chocolate bunnies I ordered for Easter.

And now for the new plan:

The start of Baking & Pastry will begin on the 7th of April with Lean White Bread. Now I'm off to order more gluten free flours and to contemplate how to best protect my flours and chocolate. What do you a safe over kill?
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