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To be honest I think a lot of

Posted Jun 14 2013 9:54pm
To be honest I think a lot of times the issue lies in the articles related to the studies rather than the studies themselves. For example, the title of your post is misleading. The study correlates the relationship between mother's without a high school education and young adults who experience a depressive episode, not at all what your title implies. I think as Mother's it's important to recognize the impact we have on our children. Ask someone who's lived with a mother with major depressive disorder, or experienced abuse or alcoholism and you will find that most definitely their Mother's issues have had an impact. So perhaps instead of feeling attacked because a study indicates that lack of education has a negative effect on our children, maybe we should embrace it and learn from it. That being said, I'm a huge advocate for ALWAYS looking at the raw data, rather than digesting a study through an article that's been skewed by the writer's own opinion/agenda.
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